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Featured: Differentiation is Key in the Freshwater Category

When customers walk into B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Alabama, they’re immediately mesmerized by the wall of fish tanks full of moving color. The store boasts 17 different 240-gallon systems and three 135-gallon display tanks that are teeming with neons, sword tails, rasboras, African cichlids and countless other fish. Owner Bill Trufant has made his […]

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Aquarium Cleaning Made Clear

Unless you’re operating a 24-hour business, common practice in retail is to save the chores of vacuuming, sweeping and taking out the trash to the hours where the establishment is closed for customers. After all, it seems in a retailer’s best interest to put the best face forward and let customers see a store that […] Read More →

Lovely Aquatic Livestock

For those customers who are always on the lookout for something new, challenging and different, independent retailers have a unique advantage. The ability to stock specialty equipment and new types of livestock, combined with personal service and customer education, makes stores ripe for differentiation. And one way to do that is to expand beyond fish […] Read More →

Reefkeeping is More Convenient and Accessible Than Ever

When it comes to the increase in variety of options of reef products, from aquarium kits and easy-to-use filters and skimmers to programmable controls, it’s almost like the age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. Has the growing interest in reef tanks led to the development of new products? Or have […] Read More →

The New Face on Fish Food

“All-natural,” “no artificial colors,” “fresh ingredients,” “Omega-3” and “probiotics.” When you see these terms in the context of fish food, you might assume you’re talking about frozen or live food. But the past few years have seen a revitalization of sorts in the flake food category, helping this popular staple continue to earn its place […] Read More →

Keep Up With Tech Trends

By Sara Keegan Technology has become a part of our daily lifestyle, so it makes sense that it has also found its way into the aquarium tank. Fishkeepers may be looking for new products to keep up with the new times. “The consumers are always looking for something that’s going to make their life easier and have a little fun with […] Read More →

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Bringing the Reefs to Life for Marine Fishkeepers

When it comes to reef systems, fishkeepers are looking for color, vibrancy and life. As the category continues to grow and evolve, hobbyists are building more balanced systems with a variety of livestock, rather than the coral-only tanks of the past. And thanks to the result of years of research and advances in captive breeding and aquaculture, these customer demands are able to be met […] Read More →

Crustacean Craving

Walk along the shops at a beach town this time of year, and you’re sure to come across a sign saying, “Free Hermit Crabs! (with purchase of kit).” Hermit crabs are popular items in beach town souvenir shops, in part because these prolific creatures conjure up images of the seashore, and people see them as […] Read More →

Friends in the Tank

By Sara Keegan With last year’s success of “Finding Dory” and its subsequent line of licensed aquarium products, retailers may be looking for more licensed products to stock on their shelves, as they are popular with a subset of fishkeeping customers. “As a small business, it is important to us to have a diverse line of ornaments, and for a segment of our customers, licensed […] Read More →

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