Fish and Pond

Featured: Reeling Them In

For new fish hobbyists, filling a tank with water is really just a drop in the proverbial bucket in terms of what needs to be done to establish a safe, healthy home for an aquatic species. There’s so much more for them to learn and purchase, and that puts retailers in a prime position to […]

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The Fish Frenzy

With every passing day, more and more people are being drawn to the hobby of fishkeeping. Fishkeeping has an array of advantages, including reducing stress and blood pressure and increasing productivity. It’s also a great learning experience for children. But many consumers looking to become aquarists are also looking deeper into the market; they don’t […] Read More →

Flake or Pellet?

When shelf space is limited, what form of fish food should a retailer stock? According to the 2019-2020 Pet Owners Survey by American Pet Products Association (APPA), food flakes are the top choice among hobbyists for feeding freshwater and saltwater livestock. In fact, fish flakes are a go-to purchase regardless of an aquatic enthusiast’s generation […] Read More →

Sizeable Matters

Nano tanks, which are categorized as aquariums that are less than 20 gallons in capacity, can epitomize size in a way that no other pet product can. Designed for some of the smallest aquatic species but with a sizeable beauty that is truly remarkable and breathtaking. It’s no wonder they are a hot commodity in […] Read More →

Avoid Ill Gills

When it comes to sickness, the common phrase you might hear is “green around the gills.” This idiom’s origin has been lost, but it is believed to have started sometime in the mid-1800s. It’s typically used to describe someone who looks ill, specifically nauseated. While starting an aquarium is easy, it takes some effort to […] Read More →

Replicating a Reef Environment

As experts are already aware, setting up a marine aquarium takes a bit of effort. Interested aquatic hobbyists can’t purchase some corals and anemones, plop them in a tank with some water and call it a day—much like a homeowner wouldn’t just purchase a pool, fill it with a hose and then consider it safe […] Read More →

The Seafood Diet

Like all pets, what and how much fish are fed are important for aquatic enthusiasts to know and consider. First is what is in the food that fish consume. The diets for herbivore and meat-eating species differ and take their respective digestion needs into account. And while there are various types of fish food on […] Read More →

From ‘A’ to Sea

The aquatic sector offers an unparalleled sense of tranquility. Many studies have looked into the scientific benefits behind having an aquarium, but even without it, watching colorful fish swim freely among a tank filled with various corals, plants and textures has a calming effect on observers. This is one of the reasons the number of […] Read More →

Swimming to See

In addition to vision being important for aquarists to view their beloved livestock, it is also an important sensory system for the fish themselves. Some species of fish can see ultraviolet and some are sensitive to polarized light. That means that the lighting for aquariums should cater to the visionary needs of all the aquatic […] Read More →

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