Digital Guide: Pet Parenting

The human-animal bond that exists between a pet parent and companion animal is stronger than ever before. The relationship is more than the satisfaction of keeping a happy pet – it’s become an emotional connection that transforms a companion animal into a full-fledged member of one’s family.

Sponsored by Purina, this edition of Pet Age’s digital guide provides a strong insight into kitten care, cat treats, cat litter, service animals and the impact of pets on domestic abuse victims.

Valuable Advice on Bringing Home a Kitten

Adding a kitten to the family is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience, and these tips can help ensure that the new addition gets off to a happy, healthy start in its new home.

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Research Produces Allergen-Reducing Cat Food

Purina has developed Pro Plan LiveClear, a cat food that reduces the major allergen in cat hair and dander, dramatically helping pet parents who suffer from cat allergies.

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Cat Treats Can Create Enriching Experience

The treat experience brings with it a variety of benefits, including positive reinforcement and strengthening a cat’s emotional bond with its pet parent.

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Pet Parents Trend Toward Premium Cat Litter

Led by the premiumization trend, cat litter is one of the fastest growing segments within the pet category, shopped by more than 33 million U.S. households.

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