Cat Products

Tiki Cat Luau Pâté Wet Cat Food


Your cat is a natural born carnivore. Feed them the high protein diet they need with Tiki Cat Luau Pâté Succulent Chicken Recipe, a flavorful meal featuring real, high-quality chicken and savory chicken broth – with the smooth pâté texture cats love. www.tikipets.com View Product →

SquarePet Nutrition


SquarePet Nutrition is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, is made up of pet industry professionals, veterinarians, nutritionists, and manufacturing experts to supply new and reimagined nutritional formulations unique to the pet food industry. SquarePet is a 100 percent family-owned company that makes nutrition for the health of all breeds and ages […] View Product →



The widest selection of WAUDOG Nylon designs grows even bigger now. Collars, leashes and harnesses are made in the colors of Ukraine’s flag and are perfectly suited for small breeds of dogs and any cats. Durable plastic and metal hardware have a direct global lifetime warranty. Harnesses come in three sizes: S, M and L. […] View Product →

Pet Tag Drawstrings


Pet parents can adjust the length of the drawstrings to the neck of the pet for its comfort. They are made from paracord, which is 100 percent nylon, while the hardware is constructed from stainless steel. Drawstrings are represented in two sizes, which are S (25-45 cm), and M (42-76 cm). www.collar.com View Product →

Aller-Immune Bites for Cats


Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites for Cats which help to provide immune support for cats. The Aller-Immune Bites may help maintain normal histamine levels, provide antioxidants and support for seasonal allergies with ingredients like Astragalus Root, L-Lysine, and EpiCor Pets. These Bites round out the full line of the bacon-flavored, best-selling formulas for cats of all […] View Product →

Hemp Elements Plus


Two new Hemp Elements Plus products feature a bite-sized, heart-shaped functional chew in a highly palatable bacon flavor. They’re formulated for use in two functional areas: behavior and digestion. To create these new plant-based cannabinoid (CBD) products, Zesty Paws partnered with CBDistillery, one of the nation’s largest distributors and retailers of hemp-derived CBD. www.zestypaws.com View Product →

Gunni’s Wafers, Bites and Morsels


Gunni’s Taste of Iceland is offering a new line of Icelandic fish products for dogs and cats, including Cod and Wolffish Wafers (for medium and large dogs), Baby Bites (for smaller dogs and for training) and Mini Morsels (for kittens). These products are single-ingredient treats made from filets of cod or Wolffish, two MSC certified […] View Product →

AiryVest Jackets


The world’s lightest dog coat AiryVest is released in Ukrainian patriotic colors. One of its main features is that pet parents can put it on and take it off easily. The jacket has a durable zipper fastener which is situated on the belly. Pet parents can choose any side of AiryVest jackets because all of […] View Product →

WAUDOG Design Collection


WAUDOG Design collection has a huge variety of prints and designs to fulfil any taste of pet parents. Even more, patriotic designs, such as Guelder-rose, Flag, Bravery and Home are added to the WAUDOG Design collection. The brand’s unique printing technology creates fantastic and eye-catching designs on genuine leather products. The print is durable and […] View Product →

ZYMOX for Cats


The new ZYMOX for Cats and Kittens utilizes the same effective formulas without antibiotics or harsh ingredients and provides solutions for the conditions that affect cats and kittens most such as ear infects infections, irritated skin, skin hot spots, ringworm and acne. The line includes ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solution with 0.5 percent Hydrocortisone, ZYMOX Enzymatic […] View Product →

Tiki Cat Silver for Seniors


Keep them shining bright. Tiki Cat Silver is designed just for cats over 11 years old. Give mature cats the nutrition they need with the flavor they deserve in their silver years. www.tikipets.com View Product →

Tiki Cat Luau Pate


Tiki Cat Luau Pate offers the high-quality protein, high-moisture nutrition cats need as carnivores. No veggies, fruits or grains. Just real chicken and fish finely minced with savory broth to make the deliciously soft pate cats love. www.tikipets.com View Product →

Tiki Cat Baby for Kittens


Give kittens their best start by increasing energy, developing digestive and immune systems and growing bodies. Kittens need nutrition designed just for them. www.tikipets.com View Product →

SquarePet Dog & Cat Nutrition


SquarePet is a 100 percent family-owned company that makes over the counter, solutions-based nutrition for the health of all breeds and ages of dogs and cats. SquarePet Nutrition is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, is made up of pet industry professionals, veterinarians, nutritionists and manufacturing experts to supply new and reimagined […] View Product →

We Are NDependent Ocean Line


We Are NDependent has announced its affiliation with SeaTrees for the launch of its Ocean Line of sustainably sourced pet treats. The line consists of three Fish SKUs (Faroe Islands Blue Whiting, Newfoundland Whole Capelin and Cold Water Pollock Cutlets) and three Skins SKU’s (Nova Scotia Haddock, North Atlantic Small Cod Skins, and North Atlantic […] View Product →

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