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EcoLogic Solutions Becomes First Cleaning Tech Company to Join Pet Sustainability Coalition

By Pet Age Staff//April 26, 2024//

EcoLogic Solutions Becomes First Cleaning Tech Company to Join Pet Sustainability Coalition

By: Pet Age Staff//April 26, 2024//

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EcoLogic Solutions, a Brooklyn, New York-based clean tech company founded in 2005, recently announced that it has became the first cleaning solution to join the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC).

“Pets deserve the level of cleanliness hospitals, schools and human food manufacturers demand, and we all need those cleaning solutions to be much safer and more sustainable,” said Anselm Doering, CEO of EcoLogic Solutions.

“The Pet Sustainability Coalition is thrilled to welcome EcoLogic Solutions as a new Champion Member,” said PSC executive director Jim Lamancusa. “The pet industry is filled with toxic chemicals that hurt pets and their owners, so brands like EcoLogic Solutions are needed more now than ever. Their incredible innovation in the cleaning space as well as their commitment to sustainability will be a huge asset to the pet industry and we can’t wait to introduce them to the rest of the Coalition.”

EPA-approved EcoLogic Solutions was already the first Certified B Corporation in its class, the rigorous sustainability gold standard achieved by the likes of Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s, and pet industry companies such as West Paw, Earth Animal and Only Natural Pet.

“Our sustainable cleaning solutions are literally part of the solution for pet sustainability, and we’re honored to join the 200 companies working to green the pet industry with the Pet Sustainability Coalition,” said Doering. “Veterinary hospitals, pet kennels, pet food makers and pet stores can do better than bleach or quat (ammonia). We’re joining PSC to show the industry a more effective, safer and sustainable solution.”

EcoLogic Solutions includes pet-safe products generated through electrolysis in a proprietary Electrical Chemical Activation (ECA) device. The active ingredient is hypochlorous acid – widely known to be a highly effective and safer way to sanitize, deodorize and disinfect that is non-toxic and safe for animals, humans and our environment. This is a convenient, regulatory-approved, one-step, cleaner-disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses and spores that cause odor while being safer for our animals, humans and the planet.