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Featured: Pet Market Leader Flexi Retractable Lead Turns 50 Years Old

Press release: flexi Woof, Wow! The flexi retractable lead turns 50 years old – from insider tip to world market leader. When Manfred Bogdahn walked his dog Purzel along the pavements of Hamburg in 1972 people were amazed. A dog that walked several meters ahead of her master, yet was still leashed and stopped at […]

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Science & Technology: Gut Microbiota’s Impact on Overall Pet Health

Like humans, cats and dogs have a complex community of trillions of microorganisms living in their gut. Collectively called the gut microbiome, this community supports almost every aspect of your pet’s health — helping with digestion, protecting against disease, maintaining healthy GI function, and so much more. Disruption of the gut microbiome — due to […] Read More →

Functional Mushrooms Provide Pets With Research-Backed Benefits

Medicinal mushrooms are a growing category in natural health and provide unique and innumerable health modulating benefits. By including medicinal (functional) mushrooms as a part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle, you are providing a natural and healthy way to support them with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Research continues to uncover the full scope of benefits […] Read More →

Pet Brands Examine Sustainability, Reduce Environmental Impact

Every action we take affects the health of our planet. From the products that humans use to the products made for our pets, production processes and consumption methods are impacting the planet, and not in a favorable way. As awareness of the harm spreads, pet parents are seeking brands that align with their views.    Pet […] Read More →

Beach Season: Serve Warm Weather Pets by Stocking Summer Essentials

We are quickly approaching months of warm weather and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the dog days of summer with the pets you love most.   For many pet parents, the warm weather means road trips, beaches, swimming, boating, barbecuing, hiking and many other outdoor activities. It’s important for pet retailers to make sure […] Read More →

Integrating CBD/CBG With Traditional Pet Supplemental Ingredients 

The blanket term “CBD” has become an everyday word in the pet industry, yet most of us know little about phyto-compounds or the incredible benefits that they offer to pets.   Let’s simplify the complexities and transform the thought process from this CBD buzz phrase to a deeper understanding of broader cannabis components and why they […] Read More →

Above & Beyond: Evermore Operates With Integrity, Transparency

The pet food sector is a crowded place, and brands are finding ways to set themselves apart from their competitors. Evermore Pet Food is an independent, women-owned company that have been dedicated to using fresh, human-grade, whole-food ingredients cooked in a U.S. kitchen since launching in 2009. Pet Age recently spoke with Alison Blumberg, chef […] Read More →

Pet CBD Overcomes Regulatory Hurdles to Ride Health, Wellness Wave

Forecasted to reach $1.71 billion in sales by 2030, the pet CBD supplement and treat market is rapidly expanding, despite recent pummeling from FDA regulatory uncertainty.   According to Grand View Research, the pet CPD business is expected to produce $248.3 million in sales in 2023 and then continue increasing at a 31.8 percent CAGR (compound […] Read More →

Know These Business Benefits to Creating Customer Avatars

Who is your ideal customer? This is a question every business owner needs to ask themselves, but too often they don’t bother — or worse — they answer with, “everyone.” The problem with this is your customer can’t be everyone, nor can you focus your marketing and advertising efforts on everyone. It just won’t work. […] Read More →

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