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Bird Products

May 1, 2024

Colorfil Air Filters

Award-winning Colorfil, the NASA-approved air filter for pet odors, not only removes small particles for better health, but also eliminates odors and – due to a patented color-shift technology – magically changes from hot pink to yellow to show when a new one is needed. If users have a dog with dander or a stinky […]

May 1, 2024

Universal Cage

Designed to be used for any pet, the Universal Cage is a kennel for dogs, a home for cats and even a home for all your birds. This one stop shop is the perfect solution for all pet owners, ranging in size from small to extra-large. Rust-resistant, heavy gauge wire meets an easy-access door panel for exceptional quality […]

May 1, 2024

Oxyfresh Advanced Stain & Odor Remover

Oxyfresh Advanced Stain & Odor Remover Unmatched in eliminating the toughest pet problems. Our proprietary formula with Oxygene and Fresh Air quickly removes all the not-so-fun byproducts pets can leave behind without using any harsh fragrances. Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute for worry-free cleaning on surfaces like carpets, couches, sealed hardwood, tile, rugs […]

Feb 1, 2024

Free Range Chicken Coop

The Free Range Chicken Coop is perfect for feathered friends that like to roam free! With multiple access points, this Coop serves as an excellent home base for chickens and ducks. Suited with handles on either side, the durable Coop is easy to move around the yard and is modular and customizable.

Nov 1, 2023

Wee Away Ocean Breeze

Introducing Wee Away X2’s new Ocean Breeze scent. Rather than simply masking stains and odors, Wee Away X2 is formulated with natural bacteria that deploys eco-friendly enzymes to tackle offensive smells at their source. The ultra-concentrated stain and odor remover is specifically designed to eliminate the signs of pet potty accidents, vomit, food, grass stains […]

Oct 1, 2023

Bugs N’ Berries

Wild Delight has added a 14-pound bag to its popular Bugs N’ Berries bird seed blend line. This premium blend, which contains a unique three-bug mix and berries, supports wild birds with a protein-rich food that provides the nutritional benefits of insects all year round.

Oct 1, 2023

Blooming Chicken Coop

The Blooming Chicken Coop is the perfect versatile solution for the diligent chicken-owner, featuring a weather-resistant space for two to three chickens and a built-in flower box for herbs and small plants. Reinforced solid wood materials meet a steel frame for enhanced security and stability with a gate and ventilation window for added comfort.

Jul 1, 2023


HomeoPet and HomeoVet are your trusted partners for natural animal health, offering a range of veterinary formulated homeopathic medicines to help keep your feathered friends healthy and happy, naturally. The newly launched HomeoVet Avian range supports various health issues in hens, chickens, domestic and exotic birds. From anxiety challenges and respiratory issues to digestive problems […[...]

May 8, 2023

Revolution HydroSteam Pet

Ideal for active households with carpeting and large area rugs, the BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet cleaner features three different cleaning modes — Steam Pretreat Mode to penetrate stuck-on, sticky messes, SteamWash Max Clean Mode to clean two times better and Quick Dry Mode helps carpets dry fast in about 30 minutes — to deliver a […]

Mar 1, 2023

TOP’s Parrot Food

TOP’s Parrot Food has kicked off its 20th anniversary by introducing a redesigned lineup of packaging for the company’s signature USDA Organic Certified pellets. The colorful new designs highlight the growth and evolution of the TOP’s brand, plus make it easier for customers to select the correct pellet sizes for their birds. Each bag displays […]

Mar 1, 2023

ZYMOX Avian Care

ZYMOX Avain Care for All Birds is a new Topical Solution and Topical Spray that supports healthy skin and plumage and helps soothe irritated skin due to abrasions, wounds, molting and feather plucking in all birds including poultry and waterfowl. Formulated with the antimicrobial LP3 Enzyme System. Contains no harsh or irritating ingredients, antibiotics or […]

Feb 1, 2023

Technaxx TX-165 Bird Cam

A full HD bird cam, the TX-165 features a short lens focus and large viewing angle that allows users to take high-grade observation videos and images of birds and small animals. The bird cam has a fast trigger time and can record slow-motion videos. The TX-165 is meant to be used outdoors but could also […]