Reptile Products

Zylafen Enzymatic for Reptiles


Zylafen Enzymatic Topical Solution for Reptiles and Topical Spray for Reptiles promotes healthy, complete shedding and relieves irritated, itchy skin, cuts and abrasions in reptiles including lizards, snakes and turtles. Formulated with the antimicrobial LP3Enzyme System. Soothing with no harsh or irritating ingredients, antibiotics or steroids. It’s non-toxic, water-dissolvable and safe, if ingested. www.zymox.com View Product →

Deluxe ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit


Provide a solid foundation for a new pet chameleon with Zoo Med’s new Deluxe ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit. It includes a large ReptiBreeze open-air, aluminum screen enclosure, and an industry-leading, German-made ReptiSun T5 HO bulb that provides critical UVB rays for your chameleon. The kit is designed with Old World chameleon species in mind, such as […] View Product →

ReptiSun Mega Compact UVB Lamp


Build a zoo-quality home for your large-bodied reptiles using Zoo Med’s new ReptiSun Mega Compact Fluorescent UVB Lamp. This bulb is great for large habitats. Animals like tortoises, iguanas, tegus, monitors, water dragons and bearded dragons, can now expose their whole bodies to UVB in a natural way. The ReptiSun Mega Compact Fluorescent is self-ballasted […] View Product →

Terra Pump


Simplify water changes for aquariums, paludariums and turtle tanks with Zoo Med’s Terra Pump aquatic habitat drain pump. The powerful motor will drain most habitats in under five minutes, and will refill with the same speed. The Terra Pump is engineered with side mounting suction cups at the intake line, so you can secure the […] View Product →

Can O’ Grubs


Delicious, nutritious treats have never been easier with Zoo Med’s Can O’ Grubs. These black soldier fly larvae are cooked in the can for maximum freshness. They are high in calcium (7:1 calcium-to-phosphorus ratio) for easy, balanced nutrition. A great treat for reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish and especially for picky eaters. www.zoomed.com View Product →



EverAfter provides customers with a one-of-a-kind memorial art piece using a pet’s cremated ashes to preserve its memory. EverAfter uses a proprietary, Essence of Life process that takes high-resolution digital images of microscopic crystals that are formed from the chemistry contained in a pet’s ashes. The resulting abstract patterns, shapes and often-vivid colors are the […] View Product →

Naturalistic Desert Flora


Enrich your desert terrarium with Zoo Med’s new Naturalistic Desert Flora. This life-like foliage is available in six water-resistant varieties, so you can keep a beautiful aesthetic, while providing ample privacy and shelter for your pets. The rock base that blends perfectly into arid environments, while giving a sturdy footing to this décor. Available in […] View Product →

ReptiCare Infrared Heat Projector


Zoo Med’s new ReptiCare Infrared Heat Projector emits energy-rich infrared (IRa and IRb), which gives immediate, powerful warmth at lower wattages than standard heat bulbs. These infrared wavelengths are directed down into the habitat with a thick glass reflector, and then soaked up by surrounding rocks and décor. Décor will release this heat upwards to […] View Product →

Wipeout Glass Cleaner


Eliminate mineral build-up and create a clear view into your habitat. Zoo Med’s new Wipeout Terrarium and Aquarium Glass Cleaner is 100 percent plant-based and removes hard water deposits, dust, fingerprints and other light-blocking deposits without streaking. The perfect, sustainably made, non-toxic, tool for glass or acrylic habitats. Safe for fish, plants, invertebrates, reptiles and […] View Product →

Crested Gecko Food


Zoo Med Laboratories has added Plum and Blueberry Breeder flavors to its Crested Gecko Food. The addition of Plum and Blueberry Breeder opens the doors to more variety and more enrichment in your gecko’s life. Blueberry Breeder is extra special, as it has twice as much black soldier fly larvae as the original formula, which […] View Product →

Zen Habitats


Zen Habitats enclosures and accessories are designed to support the physical and emotional needs of your reptiles. They provide a commercially viable alternative to glass aquariums, which are too small for medium-sized lizards and snakes. The company’s focus is on creating enclosures that can be set up in a variety of configurations, and are beautiful, […] View Product →

Repti Cooler


Control seasonal change in your habitat with Zoo Med’s Repti Cooler! It uses evaporative cooling to lower the ambient temperature by up to 10° F. In the winter this helps stimulate breeding behavior in some species, and in the summer, it can help heat-sensitive species like crested geckos! www.zoomed.com View Product →

Environmental Control Center


Precisely control the weather in your habitat with Zoo Med’s new Environmental Control Center! It automatically adjusts temperature, humidity, and photoperiod using six sockets and an LCD remote. Each of the temperature and humidity sockets allows you to create separate day and night settings, and set an alarm to alert you when readings are too […] View Product →



The leader in aquatic nutrition worldwide is proud to introduce a new line of ready-to-use reptile diets. LepoaGel is scientifically formulated for the Leopard Gecko or other insect eating lizards. CrestGel is scientifically formulated for the Crested Gecko or other fruit and insect eating lizards. DragonGel is scientifically formulated for Bearded Dragons and other vegetable […] View Product →



VEMA (Veterinary Emergency Medical Assistance) is the only pet emergency kit available made specifically for animals by veterinarians. VEMA is a fully-stocked kit for on-site wound care for your pet. The kit includes a pet first aid guide with instructions for common first aid needs, and each food ration bag will feed a pet for up […] View Product →

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