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Dog Products

Jul 8, 2024

Tall Tails Foraging Mats

The Tall Tails Foraging Mats are made from 100% food-grade silicone meeting FDA requirements and contains no BPA or phthalates. These mats are designed to accommodate any type of food for however you feed your dog; kibble, canned/wet food, frozen/raw, fresh, spreadables and treats. Slow down eating and make feeding fun!  

Jul 6, 2024

NaturVet Scoopables

Scoopables is a collection of 10 flavor-saturated, bite-sized supplements that support pets with all-in-one essentials for overall health, along with options for specific challenges like allergies, anxiety, digestion and joint health. With flavors such as hickory-smoked bacon and salmon, Scoopables can be hand-fed or scooped into a bowl for a hassle-free, enjoyable way to boost […]

Jul 5, 2024

Four Leaf Rover Yeast Guard Plus

This veterinarian-formulated trio is the ultimate hat trick for dogs dealing with yeast overgrowth. It helps synergistically detoxify from yeast and maintain a healthy gut lining and environment. Simply give your dog Digest 20 minutes before mealtime, and the other two included products with their food. They’ll help break down yeast biofilm, create a gut […]

Jul 5, 2024

Guardian GPS+ Tracking Dog Fence by PetSafe

With 25 years of pioneering innovation, Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence is the latest addition to the PetSafe family. The brand now offers a fence that will keep dogs safe at home and on the go, so homebodies and travelers alike can keep their dogs safe and can store 20 fences. The new Guardian […]

Jul 5, 2024

LIX Advanced Formula BITES

LIX, a pet wellness company, introduces the Advanced Formula BITES. This product is crafted with their proprietary flavorless and odorless Advanced Formula oil of CBD, CBG and CBN. Each BITE contains 10MG of CBD, 7MG of CBG and 3MG of CBN for a total cannabinoid profile of 20MG per BITE. It is designed to provide […]

Jul 5, 2024

Chicken Soup for the Soul Grain-Free Wet Recipes

Show your best friend you care with these Chicken Soup for the Soul grain-free wet recipes. Real fish, chicken or beef presented as a paté or cuts in gravy dinner. Prepared in savory broths for protein-rich hydration dogs need to stay active. Superfoods like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, blueberries and cranberries support overall immune health. Never […]

Jul 5, 2024

NaturVet Quiet Moments

The Quiet Moments calming aids are a range of products for dogs and cats, including drops, soft chews and room sprays with unique blends of Thiamine, L-Tryptophan, Ginger, Melatonin or Hemp to help reduce stress, promote relaxation and settle sensitive stomachs.

Jul 5, 2024

Woof Wellness Pops

Reimagining the way pets access nutrition, Wellness Pops imbue essential nutrients into Pupsicle refill treats, delivering functional health benefits through long-lasting play that dogs love. The Wellness line includes an array of products tailored to specific needs, like Joint Health, Allergy Support, Calming Support, and All-in-1 Nutrition. In addition, the line features corresponding Soft Chew [...]

Jul 5, 2024

Cascade Dog Drinking Fountain

Present dogs with an ever-flowing stream of fresh, clean water from this new fountain enticing them to drink and stay hydrated. The included filter pad purifies the drinking water in three different ways, improving its overall taste and quality.  

Jul 5, 2024

Boss Dog Martingale Collars

Boss Dog Brand elevates everyday dog attire with strength and durability, meeting dogs’ desires for comfort and style. The brand’s humane martingale collars feature adjustable lengths and even pressure distribution to enhance leash control and prevent pulling. If you’re using a martingale collar, choose Boss Dog. Treat your pet like a boss.  

Jul 5, 2024

WAUDOG Nylon Pet Series

COLLAR Company is expanding its captivating WAUDOG Nylon pet accessories by introducing 11 new designs. Whether it’s vibrant fruit motifs, adorable monster prints or nods to current gaming trends, pet parents can trust that their companions will exude style and individuality. Crafted from durable nylon and featuring hardware with a light-accumulative lock covered by a […]

Jul 5, 2024

Get Joy Supplements

Get Joy’s three new supplements tackle Gut (gut health + digestion support), Joint (joint + mobility support), and Calm (stress + anxiety support), aimed to support overall dog wellness and longevity in a single daily chew. The science-backed formulas, with quality active and inactive ingredients optimized for impact, are specifically formulated by renowned Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists t[...]