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Halo Elevate


Better Choice Company, a pet health and wellness company, launches Halo Elevate, a new super-premium, natural pet food backed by science that features industry-leading nutrient levels to provide optimal pet health. Formulated by prominent veterinary and nutrition experts, Halo Elevate includes 39 SKUs of dry and wet food for dogs of all ages and breeds. […] View Product →



Soundshield by Max & Molly safely and effectively protects dogs from fleas and ticks without harmful chemicals. Using scientifically backed technology, the device emits ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans and animals but irritate the nervous system of ticks and fleas. Soundshield boasts an array of features including a silicone security strap, waterproof […] View Product →

Leave It Leash


Leave It Leash is the first patented 14-foot water spray dog leash that comes with a collapsible bowl. A water spray dog leash that may assist in deterring aggressive or overly curious off-leash dogs, while the nine ounce water tank and six ounce collapsible bowl (both BPA-free) allow for optimal on-the-go hydration. The device is […] View Product →

Doggy Bathroom Mats


As the weather becomes warmer, bring in the fresh hues of warm cream, cool grey and modern soft red by placing one of these stylish new mats at the entrance of your Doggy Bathroom. Each mat was designed to complement all four of Doggy Bathroom’s signature base colors. Keep your floors pristine with our custom […] View Product →

Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters


To help support a healthy immune system, Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters Plant-Based Immune Health Toppers are formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients like cranberries, papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes and kelp, as well as zinc and vitamin E. The topper can be used to supplement a dog’s food with an extra dose of flavor and added nutrition. This […] View Product →

Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops


Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops Coconut are made in small batches with premium ingredients including MCT coconut oil and USDA organic full spectrum hemp oil. Unlike any other pet CBD, HHPC’s hemp oil is vapor distilled, the cleanest extraction process, free from solvents or chemicals, delivering a healthier, more efficient product. www.healthyhemppet.com View Product →

Loose Stool Remedy – Firm First


Take care of loose stool fast with Loose Stool Remedy – Firm Fast. Whether it’s from dietary changes, stress, or medication, Firm Fast acts quickly with kaolin and pectin to help absorb excess water from loose stool. Plus, a probiotic promotes future GI and immune health to help encourage recovery. www.tomlyn.com View Product →

ZIWI Peak Dog Air-Dried Food


ZIWI Peak Dog Air-Dried foods are perfectly crafted for dogs of all breeds and life stages, featuring single protein options of ethically raised meats by farmers in the beautiful climate of New Zealand. Made of 96 percent meat, organs, bone, and New Zealand green mussels, ZIWI is proud to offer the most convenient, ready-to-scoop, alternative […] View Product →

JUMBO Puppy Teething Sticks


The N-Bone JUMBO Puppy Teething Sticks are here! Designed specifically for large breeds, the sticks alleviate the teething pain and massage the sore gums, while providing necessary nutrition to your pup’s development. Available in the puppy-favorite Chicken flavor. It is time to give your pup a delicious treat! www.npicpet.com View Product →

Best Bully Antlers


Perfect for large breeds and power chewers, these deer and elk antlers have a hard chewy surface and a coarse, spongy center filled with marrow that dogs love and benefit from. Sourced from forests in Poland, these antlers are foraged from the forest floor as wild deer drop them naturally. The new antlers are offered […] View Product →

John O’Hurley CBD


John O’Hurley CBD products are manufactured by HempMeds, which sources the highest grade of materials and independently tests all products to ensure safety and efficacy. Full-spectrum topicals are available in 1.03-ounce (500mg) and 4-ounce (1500mg) sizes; both can be utilized on noses and paws for dryness as well as wound care. Tinctures are available in […] View Product →

Paté Recipes for Cats


Raised Right is launching its line of Paté Recipes for Cats. Raised Right is a family-owned company that makes “home cooked-style” whole food recipes for dogs and cats. These dog and cat foods are stored frozen and served fresh. Raised Right works with veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker to formulate limited-ingredient recipes that are high in […] View Product →

Pet Factory Real Chewz


Real Chewz are all-natural, single-ingredient chews packed with protein to provide the nourishment dogs need. Made in Brazil and carefully inspected and tested in the U.S.A. for safety. They’re oven-baked to lock in the delicious flavors dogs love and crave. They’re individually wrapped for ultimate freshness. They’re low in fat, high in protein and made […] View Product →

Audible Bark Collar


PetSafe Audible Bark Collar uses sound technology to identify a dog’s barking and releases a sound to distract him. It automatically adjusts for dogs by adapting to how frequently they bark. At the first bark, a dog will receive a short sound correction from the collar, and if barking continues, the timing will increase gradually […] View Product →

Pet Factory Tug & Chomp


These premium plush toys for dogs come in a variety of cuddly critters and colorful characters that have a fun hide-n-seek pocket that reveals the small toy out of the mouth. Pet parents can keep their pets engaged at play by pulling, tugging and tossing this interactive toy. With double squeakers and made with tough […] View Product →

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