Trends and Products: Waste Management

Pet Age Staff//September 1, 2023//

Trends and Products: Waste Management

Pet Age Staff //September 1, 2023//

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The demand for dog pads for incontinence and training increased dramatically as a result of the COVID-19. The post-pandemic market for dog pads is reliant on product innovations and an increasing awareness of its benefits. Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of new cat litter hitting the market, and many of these products are designed to appeal to the preferences of people and their pets, including the drive to become more eco-friendly.




Catalyst Pet
A natural litter that actually works, Catalyst is an award-winning high-performance cat litter engineered from upcycled soft wood fiber. Lightweight, minimally scented, odor trapping and cat friendly, Catalyst exceeds both natural and conventional clay alternatives so pet parents can make a healthy, responsible, sustainable choice. Independent retailers can now buy direct through the NEW Dealer Portal. Available in 10-pound and 20-pound bags in three formulas: Healthy Cat, Multi-Cat and Unscented.




Doggy Bathroom Mini
Doggy Bathroom has recently released its Doggy Bathroom Mini line. With all the benefits of the Original Doggy Bathroom, this miniature version was created for small dogs under 10 pounds and less than 12 inches tall, including chihuahuas, pugs, toy poodles, pomeranians, shih tzus and more,




Lot Tracking and Dust Control
More and more cat-loving consumers are looking to ditch the sweeping and clay dust. That’s why World’s Best Cat Litter created Low Tracking and Dust Control — the naturally safe choice for a clean cat, box and home. Made with larger granules of super-absorbent whole kernel corn, this multiple cat litter is tested and proven to reduce tracking and virtually eliminate dust. World’s Best Cat Litter has developed a safe and sustainable litter that lasts longer and stays where it should — in the box.




Sprinkle & Sweep
Sprinkle & Sweep instantly solidifies even the most liquid accidents for cleanup in just seconds (with no paper towels). It also blocks putrid odors while you do it. Sprinkle & Sweep’s Active Stink-Lock Technology works on the molecular level to react directly with odor causing molecules found in waste and safely converts them to where they no longer vaporize into the air. A small portion of every bag is donated to One Tree Planted, aiding to re-forest regions around the world.




Hinoki Wood Cat Litter
KOCHO’s Hinoki Wood Cat Litter is made of high-grade Japanese hinoki cypress wood. The elegant natural scent and odor-eliminating compounds control unwanted litter box odors. It’s up to four times lighter than competitive clay litter and two times lighter than competitive corn litter. Dust-free and easy clean up. No chemical fragrances or dyes, unbleached.




TriNova Litter Box Deodorizer
TriNova’s Litter Box Deodorizer is designed to absorb and eliminate those not so good litter box smells. Other products mask the scent with a flowery fragrance, but TriNova’s is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic — giving you a clean scent without the overpowering perfumes. By using the TriNova Litter Box Deodorizer between cleanings, you can extend the life of your litter making it smell fresher for longer. Whether for one, two or several cats, Litter Box Deodorizer helps keep their odors under control.




Cat Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator
Nilodor’s new line of Cat Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator has been made to destroy odors completely without interrupting good litter box behavior. The all-new Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator is 100 percent organic and composed of natural corn cob proven dramatically effective in neutralizing even the worst litter box aromas.




WizSmart Dog Pads
WizSmart Super Absorbent Dog Pads are leak-proof and have odor-control and stay-put tabs. Able to hold up to eight cups of fluid, WizSmart pads have lateral barriers and strong sealed edges to ensure there’s no spill-over. The pet-friendly design was developed to attract dogs to the pads and is appropriate for male and female dogs as well as puppies.




Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter
Dr. Elsey’s offers a variety of cat litter options, including Cat Attract, for felines that will not use the litter box; Senior, which helps prevent kidney failure and urinary tract infection in older cats; Kitten Attract, a training litter for your felines; and R&R Respiratory Relief, which helps control respiratory disease.