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Trends and Products: Growth in Small Animals

Pet Age Staff//August 1, 2023//

Trends and Products: Growth in Small Animals

Pet Age Staff //August 1, 2023//

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Retailers should take notice of the small animal segment, which is experiencing recent growth, specifically among rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. There’s more to keeping these companion animals healthy and happy than just providing them with food, water and shelter.




Happy Habitats Halo
The patent pending Halo carrier fits securely around their exercise ball, allowing you to do more with your small pet. With a carrying handle and magnetic kickout stands, the Halo can be used at home or on the go. The three-in-one design allows you to use the Halo as a traditional exercise ball, a stationary stand while your pet runs, and a carrier for short walks while your pet is alongside you.



Junior Guinea Pig
Science Selective Junior Guinea Pig is tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of guinea pigs up to the age of 20 weeks. It combines tasty dandelion and fennel for a naturally delicious diet. With a protein content and a vitamin-mineral profile formulated to sustain growth, the new product ensures that the nutritional needs of young guinea pigs are perfectly met. As with all Supreme’s guinea pig diets, the Junior diet is fortified with stabilized vitamin C reflecting the specific requirements of these small pets.



Enriched Life Habitats
Oxbow Animal Health’s small animal habitats are innovatively designed to support every aspect of the natural, species-specific behaviors of small animals. With nature-inspired features, safe places to explore and premium, pet-safe designs, these habitats make it easy for pet parents to nurture what’s in their pet’s nature every day.



Whisper Quiet Wheel
Prevue Pet Products introduces its collection of small pet exercise wheels. Whisper Quiet Wheel has a specially engineered ball-bearing device that keeps the wheel whisper-quiet when in use to ensure no squeaking or rattling. It can be used with the stand or removed and fasted to the cage wire. Easily disassembles for cleaning and comes in three sizes: 6-inch, 8-inch and 9.5-inch models. Whisper Quiet Wheel is perfect for mice, gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs and guinea pigs.



PetsPick Paper Pellets
The ultimate in comfort and odor control. PetsPick paper products are made from pre-consumer paper that is naturally absorbent, eco-friendly and offers 14-day odor control. This high-quality bedding is sustainably sourced, providing the safety and comfort that small pets deserve. PetsPick Paper Pellets is a lightweight, clean pellet that doesn’t track outside of the cage. Made from pre-consumer paper, never recycled, PetsPick is clean and safe.



Clean Cage Habitat Deodorizer
Available in 16-ounce and 32-ounce sizes, Kaytee’s Clean Cage Deodorizer Spray is a non-toxic cleaner and deodorizer containing a combination of environmentally safe cleansing agents, plus refreshing odor control properties to safely clean your pet’s home and accessories. Clean cages contribute to the proper care small animals need to lead happy and healthy lives.



Field+Forest All Natural Hay
Field+Forest by Kaytee’s Premier All Natural Hay is grown without pesticides and harvested at the peak of freshness specifically for small pets. High-fiber premium cuts and naturally grown together blends offer a unique and enriching foraging experience with a variety of tastes and textures.



ZYMOX Small Animal
ZYMOX Small Animal & Exotic Topical Solution and Topical Spray supports healthy skin and ears. It helps soothe infected or irritated skin and ears, cuts, abrasions, ringworm and urine scald in small and exotic mammals such as rabbits, hamsters, mice and more. Formulated with the antimicrobial LP3 Enzyme System, it contains no harsh or irritating ingredients, antibiotics or steroids.



Healthy Pet carefresh
Only carefresh is made from scratch with pillowy soft, ultra-absorbent comfyfluff paper designed specifically for small pets. Unlike other small pet bedding, Healthy Pet makes its own paper using raw, natural fiber obtained directly from the source to ensure small pets live a happy, healthy and loveable life.



Tropical Carnival Gourmet Foods
Tropical Carnival Gourmet Foods are a vitamin-nutrient-fortified food and treat specifically formulated to meet the daily dietary needs of your small animals from tiny mice to large rabbits. Rabbits and guinea pigs especially enjoy foraging for right-sized morsels of fruit, veggies, grains and seeds. The company topped off its gourmet foods with its nutritious ZOO•VITAL biscuits that support proper digestion.