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Jul 1, 2023

Purrfectly Clean Paws

Simply Paws Design has launched Purrfectly Clean Paws, a litter box ramp system that not only helps keep litter from tracking but helps cats with mobility issues get in and out of their box. The ramp is made of U.S.-sourced premium, corrugated cardboard manufactured in the United States from 100 percent recycled fiber, a sustainable […]

Jul 1, 2023

Huxley & Kent Plush Toys

Huxley & Kent has released five new plush cat toys for Halloween and Fall that feature realistic-looking styles for multi-sensory, festive entertainment. Each toy is made from soft baby plush and includes crinkles and organic catnip inside for extra exciting play. Every Huxley & Kent toy is designed using safe, non-toxic dyes and materials, and […]

Jul 1, 2023


Pet parents can use MySimplePetLab Care Kits at the first sign of a pet’s ear, skin and tummy troubles or for general first aid. MySimplePetLab Care Kits provide just-in-time relief when you, your pet and your vet need it most. Registering your kit keeps your vet in the loop. Each kit includes everything a pet […]

Jul 1, 2023

Friskies Playfuls

To strengthen the bonds between owners and their cats, popular cat food and treat brand Friskies introduced the new Friskies Playfuls – unique, round-shaped treats designed to roll and inspire play in felines. With the new treat, owners can toss, roll and treat to provide an unexpected and exciting new way to engage your cat […]

Jul 1, 2023


Inspired by local farms and ranches, Summit recipes for adult dogs and cats feature premium-quality animal proteins, fruits, vegetables and grains at an accessible price point. Crafted by specialized pet nutritionists to meet the needs of pet parents and pets who desire complete and balanced recipes packed with flavor and value, Summit offers elevated nutrition […]

Jul 1, 2023

Huxley & Kent Neckwear

Huxley & Kent’s new Halloween and Fall Pet Neckwear Collection includes 10 total styles of bow ties and pinwheels, each in fall festive, creepy Halloween and more dapper designs. The new collection is now available, and wholesale orders will start shipping in early August. www.huxleyandkent.com

Jul 1, 2023

Organic Pumpkin Treats

A Better Treat’s new USDA Organic Freeze-Dried Pumpkin Treats for dogs and cats are a versatile, convenient, and healthy addition to any pet’s diet. The first of their kind, these cube-shaped treats are made with only organic pumpkin and are packed with fiber for digestive health. With only 0.2 kcal/treat, they make a great low-calorie […]

Jul 1, 2023

Interactive Laser Toys

Smarty Pear’s Interactive Laser Toys are made with extra-soft, high-grade silicone covers, fun for pets and pet parents too. They look great as a keychain, purse, luggage or gym bag accessory. Cat owners can use the dial selector to switch between five fun laser patterns: dot, mouse, butterfly, star and smiley face. When you’re done […]

Jul 1, 2023


Noochies! products offer the world’s first freeze-dried, high-protein cultured pet foods. The vet-formulated foods and treats are made with unique, nutrient-rich ingredients designed to benefit immunity, digestion and the overall health of dogs and cats. The patent-pending freeze dry process avoids nutrient degradation in the extrusion process and helps keep proteins bioavailable for better abso[...]

Jul 1, 2023

Revitalize GI Supplement

Bloom Bioscience’s Revitalize GI supplement addresses various pet health issues, including chronic GI issues, vomiting, weight loss, loss of vitality, IBD, URI and allergies and UTI. Its key features and benefits include repairing damage to the GI tract system, supporting healthy digestive and immune function, and protecting organs and the immune system from oxidative damage. […]

May 8, 2023

Hemp Elements Plus Hairball Bites

Hemp Elements Plus Hairball Bites may help to minimize hairball formation, while also supporting gut, immune, and skin health for cats. The Bites feature three mg of plant-based cannabinoids (CBD) per two chews and are made with ingredients like microcrystalline cellulose to prevent hairball formation, psyllium that may maintain a healthy gut, as well as […]

May 8, 2023

RAWZ Senior Pates

Support your senior cat with high-meat, high-quality RAWZ Senior Pates. With craveable ingredients that provide functional benefits, you and your cat will love the results. Green mussels and fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body while L-Carnitine aids heart function, brain function and muscle movement. Feed good and feel good. RAWZ donates 100 percent of […]


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