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Copper Water Bowl


A copper water bowl is a great choice for your pet. Copper is naturally antimicrobial and using a copper pet bowl can help avoid the biofilm that forms in other types of pet bowls. Biofilm, which is a by-product of your pet’s saliva mixing with water, can contain disease causing viruses and bacteria. Each bowl has a capacity of 500 […] View Product →

Tiki Cat Special


Tiki Cat has launched a new family of wet cat foods for sensitive felines with special dietary needs.  Called Tiki Cat Special, the line includes three functional formulas—Tiki Cat Special Fussy, Tiki Cat Special Skin & Coat, and Tiki Cat Special Light—for finicky eaters with digestive issues, cats with skin and coat sensitivities, and felines […] View Product →

Purity Preferred


Created with the well-being of our canine and feline friends in mind, Purity Preferred is launching with two benefit-focused formulations, Purity Preferred Calming CBD Oil Drops and Purity Preferred Hip & Joint CBD Oil Drops. The line was formulated using a blend of Broad Spectrum CBD oil from Kadenwood, the industry’s leader in quality CBD, and active anti-inflammatory ingredients Moringa […] View Product →

Pulse ZR II Flora


Andis has announced a customer favorite, the Pulse ZR II Detachable Blade Clipper, in a new Flora pattern. This limited edition product has an eye-catching design and includes all the features professionals love about the original clipper, from its long-lasting removable battery, versatile detachable blade design and five adjustable cutting speeds. www.andis.com View Product →

Four-Star Nutritionals


New this fall, Fromm introduces Four-Star Nutritionals Trout & Whitefish Recipe for cats, a whole-grain, fish-based recipe formulated for all life stages. The new entrée features a blend of trout and whitefish together with whole grains with select fruits and vegetables. The recipe also features miscanthus grass, an insoluble fiber that can provide digestive support […] View Product →



VEMA (Veterinary Emergency Medical Assistance) is the only pet emergency kit available made specifically for animals by veterinarians. VEMA is a fully-stocked kit for on-site wound care for your pet. The kit includes a pet first aid guide with instructions for common first aid needs, and each food ration bag will feed a pet for up […] View Product →

Naturally Fresh Litter Packaging


The four top-selling Naturally Fresh formulas—Quick-Clumping, Multi-Cat, Ultra Odor Control and Alpine Meadow Scent—will introduce new packaging in pet specialty stores. The front of the package better communicates the differentiation between the Naturally Fresh formulas, while the back provides detailed product information—both changes make it easier for a customer to choose the best Naturally Fresh […] View Product →

Wondercide Flea & Tick Wipes


Wondercide’s safe and effective flea and tick formula is now available in wipes. This biodegradable, palm-sized flea and tick treatment is great for using on-the-go and perfect for cats, small dogs and pets that prefer a gentler touch. Proven to kill, repel and prevent 98 and 100 percent of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes without harmful […] View Product →

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal


Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Kitten and Puppy are the first and only diets formulated exclusively for the immature gastrointestinal system of growing cats and dogs. These high-energy formulas with adapted levels of nutrients (like protein and calcium) meet the needs of growing pets. The kibble can be easily rehydrated to facilitate food intake for puppies and kittens. And […] View Product →

Royal Canin Urinary Care


Royal Canin Urinary Care is formulated to proactively support cat’s urinary tract health. Fostered and adopted cats are typically adult cats that have a higher likelihood of experiencing urinary tract problems compared to kittens. Urinary Care is a great choice for adult cats with an indoor or sedentary lifestyle whose owners are looking for more […] View Product →

Topical Sanitizing Products


Skout’s Honor has launched a line of Topical Sanitizing Products for the pet specialty industry. These alcohol-free and cruelty-free products are safe for use on hands, paws and body. They kill 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria, while offering persistent, long lasting protection. These products are currently available through all of Skout’s Honor’s U.S. distribution partners, including […] View Product →

Scruffs Summer Collection


Manchester-based pet bed manufacturers Scruffs has revealed its new summer collection of luxury pet bedding and accessories, designed with a Mediterranean theme and vibrant colors. Scruffs Florence & Casablanca collections can be used all year round, but are particularly suited for use during the summer months. Designed with a Mediterranean theme, the beds are upholstered […] View Product →

Skoon Cat Litter


Skoon makes non-clumping litter “purr-fectly designed” for feline odor control and super easy maintenance for human convenience. Skoon Cat Litter is made of diatom pebbles, which are the fossilized remains of algae. They act as microscopic sponges which make them so absorbent that they can actually hold their own weight in liquid. www.skooncatlitter.com View Product →

Cornbread Hemp


Cornbread Hemp’s CBD Pet Oil is the only one flavored with the taste of corndogs! Because they distill the hemp extract, this CBD oil does not contain the bitter taste that many pets don’t like, while retaining a full spectrum of cannabinoids. One full dropper is an ideal dose for a 40-pound pet. Safe for […] View Product →

Fromm Gold Cat Refresh


Fromm Family Foods unveils new packaging for Fromm Gold recipes for cats including: Kitten Gold and Adult Gold and launches a new recipe: Healthy Weight Gold. Healthy Weight Gold will replace Gold Mature Cat Recipe and features a formulation designed for both senior and less active cats needing to support a healthier weight and lifestyle. […] View Product →

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