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PPFC Cat Meals 


Like Portland Pet Food Company’s dog meals, its new line of cat meals is human-grade and entirely sourced and made in the U.S.A. The whole-food, limited ingredients are easily digestible and perfect for all cats, particularly those with digestive issues and food sensitivities. The cat meals are free from hormones, synthetics, antibiotics, supplements and additives […] View Product →

Raw Food Intolerance Test  


The Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test was designed for pet owners that feed their dog or cat a raw food diet. The ingredients tested consist of over 300 meats, seafood, bones, fruits, vegetables, oils and some grains. The test will generate an instant elimination guideline identifying ingredients that create temporary imbalances so owners can remove […] View Product →

Halo Holistic 


Halo Holistic has launched new and improved recipes and an updated package design. The new formulations contain higher levels of responsibly sourced protein, more skin and coat health and enhanced digestive support through higher levels of guaranteed probiotics and added postbiotics. The brand also removed soy from all products and created poultry-free recipes for pets […] View Product →

PureBites Broths


PureBites Broths are made fresh and pure to lock in the wholesome freshness of high-quality ingredients without adding any preservatives, colors, fillers or sweeteners. PureBites Broths are a great way to make mealtime fun and exciting, with meat and vegetables in a rich broth that dogs and cats crave and the added nutrients that pet […] View Product →

PureBites Food Toppers


PureBites Food Toppers are proudly sourced and made in the U.S.A. using a delicate freeze-drying process that helps preserve fresh RAW whole food, locking in the taste dogs and cats crave and the high-protein/low-calorie nutrition that pet parents love. PureBites Food Toppers can be fed as a complete and balanced food or as a compliment […] View Product →



The EnviroKlenz Liquid Laundry Enhancer is a fragrance-free, septic safe, hypoallergenic laundry additive that is good at neutralizing odors on any washable fabric. From dog blankets to toys to pillowcases, this laundry additive is gentle on the skin and is tough on odors. It also has 86 percent less plastic waste than the typical bottle. […] View Product →

LIX Advanced Blend 


LIX Advanced Blend is a superpower combination of three phytocannabinoids to help senior animals and those needing significant systemic support. Animals should experience relief from a myriad of issues associated with cognition and aging, chronic illness, gut inflammation, pain and mobility. The company focuses on creating true core wellness benefits in a flavorless and odorless […] View Product →



FURaser is a revolutionary pet de-shedding and grooming tool guaranteed to sort your shed out. The multi-functional product has a Swiss army knife design combining four technologies and six different products to tackle pet undercoats, topcoats, clean up and pet massage, providing a 99 percent reduction in shedding. www.getfuraser.com  View Product →

Pet Honesty Cat Supplements 


Pet Honesty is tackling the cat taste challenge with a new line of dual-texture supplements that taste like chicken. The Calming, Hairball Support and Hip + Joint Health varieties achieve an unprecedented 92 percent acceptability. The crunchy-to-creamy chews are made with natural and premium active ingredients and meet the brand’s product pledge that includes no […] View Product →



Because, Animals has launched Freeze-Dried Noochies. Snacks, an all-natural, vitamin-packed treat for both dogs and cats that’s high-protein without using any animal products. The snacks are crafted with Bmmune, the company’s proprietary blend of high protein, vitamin B-rich nutritional yeast. Fermented Koji is also added for gut health benefits, and when freeze dried together, this […] View Product →

Tomlyn Pre & Probiotic Supplement


Tomlyn’s Pre & Probiotic is an easy-to-give, water-soluble feed additive that supports gastrointestinal and immune health.  With five different probiotic bacteria, prebiotic fiber and amongst the highest CFUs on the market, regular use will help populate the gut with naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria. www.tomlyn.com   View Product →

MicroLink Pet Tag Carabiner 


The Nite Ize MicroLink Pet Tag Carabiner provides the simplicity and confidence pet owners need when securing their pet’s tags. It features a miniature stainless steel body with a unique design that allows for effortless tag attachment and security. Measuring at just over one-inch tall and one-half-inch wide, this micro carabiner holds virtually any ID […] View Product →

Sprinkle & Sweep 


Sprinkle & Sweep instantly solidifies even the most liquid accidents for cleanup in just seconds, with no paper towels. It also blocks putrid odors while you do it. Sprinkle & Sweep’s Active Stink-Lock Technology works on the molecular level to react directly with odor causing molecules found in waste and safely converts them to where […] View Product →



Debuting this fall, Fromm Family Foods introduces PurrSnackitty, a collection of soft and savory treats for cats. Available in three tender treat varieties: Liver, Chicken and Salmon, the moist, bite-sized morsels that feature flavors felines crave with eye catching packaging starring swinging jazz cats singing to the perfect tune.   www.frommfamily.com   View Product →

Because, Animals 


Because, Animals is excited to introduce six new supplements. The supplements are the debut of Bmmune Nutritional Yeast, the brand’s proprietary blend of high protein, high fiber nutritional yeast with immune-boosting fermentation powders. With options available for both cats and dogs, the new line includes Immune Health Sprinkles, Joint Boost Sprinkles and Wellness Sprinkles. They’re […] View Product →

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