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Pet Parents Trend Toward Premium Cat Litter

By Amy P. Castro

Helping customers choose the right cat litter can be a challenge in today’s crowded litter market. However, knowing your customers’ goals and priorities can help you identify the perfect litter to keep them and their cats happy.

According to Purina, cat litter is one of the fastest growing segments within the pet category, shopped by more than 33 million U.S. households.

“We’re seeing a trend towards the premiumization of cat litter,” said Joe Toscano, vice president of trade and industry development at Purina. “Cat owners have come to expect basic product performance, and they are constantly on the hunt for added benefits their litter can deliver.”



If your customers are tired of lugging heavy jugs or bags of litter, lightweight litter is a great alternative. Not only is it easier to transport home from the store, but it definitely makes for a lighter load on trash day. Purina’s Tidy Cat Lightweight litter weighs in at about half the weight of the leading clumping litter, while still maintaining superior clumping performance and round-the-clock odor control.


Odor control

Since the pandemic hit, more people are working from home than ever before and people are staying home more often. As a result, cat parents are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about litter-box odors. In addition to advising them on frequent litter-box scooping and changing litter, you can direct cat owners to products with great odor control that will keep their homes smelling fresh. Tidy Cats with Ammonia Blocker is a great option because it prevents the formation of ammonia smells for at least two weeks when used as directed.



The natural litter category continues to grow due to concerns about potential health impacts of ingredients such as silica gel in some traditional litters. Last year, Tidy Cats introduced its Naturally Strong Litter, which is made of simple, natural ingredients like clay for strong odor control and tight clumps. “Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Unscented has activated charcoal for powerful odor control, and Purina’s Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Clean Lemongrass uses pure extractions from plants to effectively fight odors,” said Toscano.



For eco-conscious customers, there are many litter options that perform well and are earth friendly in their contents and packaging. Sustainable litters come in many forms; from plant-based products made from corn, walnut shells and wheat, to those made from recycled paper products. Purina’s Yesterday’s News litter is made with recycled paper and is extremely absorbent with good odor control. It’s also 99.7 percent dust free, which makes it a good choice for those concerned about breathing litter dust when cleaning the litter box. The non-clumping formula is especially great for small kittens who might be inclined to ingest other types of litter. Yesterday’s News also comes in a clumping formula for customers who prefer the convenience of clumping litter. Additionally, Tidy Cat litters are not only packaged in recyclable packaging, but Naturally Strong litter is packaged in 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic jugs and Tidy Cat boxes are made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified materials.