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The Modern Fish Age

Pet Age Staff//January 4, 2019//

A green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

The Modern Fish Age

Pet Age Staff //January 4, 2019//

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Without a doubt, the public’s passion for aquatics is on the rise as the fishkeeping hobby grows more popular in the United States. Proof of the upward trend in the aquatic side of the industry is the success of such recent trade shows as the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) and Aquatic Experience, which took place in Las Vegas and Secaucus, New Jersey, respectively.

In fact, according to the 2017-2018 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, one-third of all fish owners purchase new equipment when new or additional fish are bought, which is a reversal of the decline from APPA’s previous survey. This is also demonstrated in the APPA’s observation on age demographics, where the younger generation of fish owners are substantially more likely to purchase new equipment than other generations.

All aquatic enthusiasts want to expand the beauty and design of the industry, and the younger generation is now diving into new ideas, concepts and appearances for their aquatic landscapes to not only maintain the passion, but also improve it to bring in those outside the industry. And most importantly, the latest technology and equipment further maintains and benefits the health and appearance of the fish that inhabit it.

Because of this, manufacturers are offering more modernized technology and equipment that resonates with the younger generation by having products that provide aesthetically appealing aquatic atmospheres and keep fish healthy. These products provide a modern look, healthy ecosystem and tools for additional creativity that fish owners are looking for to further expand the interest in the aquatic industry.

In order to remain on top of the aquatic trends, retailers need to take note of these aquarium designs. Gone are the simple, glass tanks with a flimsy black hood and plastic coded metal stands. What follows is a list of some of the exciting new innovations from the top manufacturers in the industry.


Ascent Frameless LED KitsAscent Frameless Aquarium Kits

Far from the traditional aquarium frame, Ascent Frameless Aquarium Kits feature polished edges and floating base accentuating its modern design. The angled top creates a distinctive silhouette truly unique and perfect for home or office. The ultramodern design also serves an aesthetic and functional purpose. The kit includes the glass aquarium, a cover with LED lighting, QuietFlow Power Filtration, a filter cartridge, premium fish food, water conditioner and a set-up guide.




Lifegard Aquatics Full View AquariumsFull View Aquariums by Lifegard Aquatics

The angled fronts of Full View Aquariums allow users to have a larger viewing area inside the tank when placed at the same level with a ­flat front tank. The Full View aquarium offers the maximum viewing area in its class. This modern-designed aquarium comes complete with all the necessary mechanical filtration, carbon filtration, Full Spectrum LED lighting, Quiet One 400 Pump, Integrated CO2/O2 dispensing capability, Water Level control with Waterfall, Bio Media, Aquarium Pad and ­flex water ­flow required for a healthy ecosystem.


Cvue2-smallrC-vue Aquariums

The Cobalt C-vue all-in-one aquariums are the ultimate base platform that beginning hobbyists and hardcore fish geeks alike can use to create any aquarium style they desire, from discus to dwarf cichlids, reef tank or even a planted aquarium. Each aquarium includes an integrated filter system hidden behind a back wall to keep bulky equipment out of sight. Included is no-bypass 200 micron socks that will keep the water crystal clear, and the powerful pumps with up to 8-times turnover and adjustable output nozzles ensure excellent circulation to bring clean, filtered water to all areas of the tank. The C-vue also features crystal clear, low iron glass on the front and side panels, with beveled edges and mitered corners for an impressive, clean look and uninhibited viewing. For ultimate customizability, the bottom and back panels are made from non-tempered glass that can be drilled to add bulkheads and plumbing, allowing further customization.


JBJ Rimless Desktop AquariumJBJ Rimless Desktop Aquariums

JBJ’s new Rimless Desktop Series are all-in-one aquariums that come with low iron glass tanks, a removable bio-filter that includes the signature three-stage filtration system and the dimmable two-channel LED light fixture. JBJ Rimless Desktop Aquariums are small in size but packed with features that will be the perfect addition to home décor.


Nickolas SargentJellyfish Art Cylinder Aquarium

The Jelly Cylinder 5 kit contains a five-gallon cylindrical tank and everything needed to keep healthy and happy live jellyfish. Also included in the kit are Chemipure Blue to help keep water crystal clear; JellyBio Starter, which introduces beneficial bacteria to help break down waste; and an artemia hatcher to provide live brine shrimp. Measuring 20½ inches high and 10 inches deep, this upgraded system comes with everything needed to make enjoying live jellyfish simple.





Cubic Aqua2
Cubic Pulse 80 Aquarium

The sleek Pulse 80 Generation 2 combines style with functionality to give you a jellyfish aquarium like no other. The tank is designed from the ground up for jellyfish which make a spectacular display when illuminated by the aquarium’s built-in, color changing LED system.