Reeling Them In

Pet Age Staff//November 1, 2019//

Reeling Them In

Pet Age Staff //November 1, 2019//

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For new fish hobbyists, filling a tank with water is really just a drop in the proverbial bucket in terms of what needs to be done to establish a safe, healthy home for an aquatic species. There’s so much more for them to learn and purchase, and that puts retailers in a prime position to play a major role in influencing their education and acquisitions.

Once people are hooked on the fishkeeping hobby, the likelihood for retailers maintaining a solid business relationship with those customers is very high. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, 72 percent of total fish owners are likely to still own fish after a year.

How can a retailer turn a newcomer to the aquatic hobby into a dedicated, long-term customer? Establish a bond with fledgling fishkeepers by recommending such essentials as a tank that best suits their desired livestock, food that contributes to a complete diet and a conditioner to maintain water quality and clarity. Emphasize the aesthetic and stimulative value of such extras as lighting, landscape items and substrates.

As retailers share what they know about fish-related products with customers, it’s also helpful to present physical examples complementing that wealth of information.

“You cannot underestimate the power of a good display tank,” said Shelby Bush, brand ambassador for Segrest Farms, in the December 2018 Pet Age story, “Not So Nano.” “It’s so important to have something visual for the customer that they will think about long after they go home.”

These products provide aspiring aquarists with all the necessities they desire to properly care for their aquatic livestock, welcoming them to all the sector has to offer them. Whether in a kit or on its own, newcomers can achieve the aquatic setup they’ve always dreamed of without sacrificing the well-being of their new underwater pet.

Coralife BioCube16_LiveCoralife BioCube

With a sleek hood, the BioCube’s modern design comes with beautiful LED lighting that can be set white for the daytime or sparkling blue moon glows for the nighttime. Each aquarium is two inches taller than the original so that owners can have a larger viewing area. The sturdy BioCube pedestal stands pair perfectly with the aquarium. With tinted acrylic panels and slim black handles, the stand has built-in shelves for convenient storage of food, tools and equipment.





Aqueon Betta PuzzleAqueon Betta Puzzle

This red or blue puzzle piece-shaped kit is great for a single betta, or fish hobbyists can link multiple kits together to form a completed puzzle and house multiple bettas. To prevent bettas from seeing each other when the puzzle pieces are linked, each unit has frosted walls. Each kit comes with decorative gravel, a small plant, betta food and Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner.




Ultum substrateUltum Nature Controsoil

A high-quality substrate made from a special mix of natural soil and volcanic ash. Controsoil prevents the notorious ammonia spike that is toxic to livestock and known for encouraging the onset of algae. Controsoil is available in various granule sizes and colors to accommodate user preference and aquatic plant choice.



box2Tetra Goldfish Program

The Goldfish Program includes Goldfish Aquarium Kits, Goldfish Nutrition & Water Care and a Goldfish Information Center online. Goldfish Aquarium Kits, available in 10- and 20-gallon sizes, are tailored and appropriately sized to meet the specific needs of goldfish. Samples of goldfish-specific food and water care products are provided to optimize goldfish health and help consumers understand the products to look for at their retailers.



GloFish color changing ornamentsGloFish Color-Changing Ornaments

Perfect for aquariums with any species of GloFish, these ornaments are equipped with a GloFish Cycle Light or blue and black light LEDs to delight fishkeepers young and old. The new treasure chest, castle, frog log and Gloria GloFish figures all fluoresce under blue light and change colors when placed under black light.





Hikari Vibra-BitesHikari Vibra Bites

Great for all types of tropical fish, Vibra Bites is a flavorful nutrient mix that offers many unique benefits. From the pellet design, which mimics a blood worm moving through the water, to the incredible color-enhancing ability that will help your fish glow with a flood of color, to the exacting nutrient balancing through extensive feeding trials that helps to offer growth and form you won’t believe, this is a new-generation aquatic diet. The oxygen barrier package helps maintain the quality and perfection consumers have come to expect from the leader in aquatic nutrition worldwide.






pe mysis flakes



PE Flakes are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in a variety of fish. Offered in Saltwater, Freshwater, Cichlid and Goldfish formulations, they contain fresh PE Mysis for a rich and nutritionally complete diet.




Lifegard Aquascaping Rocks, Stones and WoodLifegard Aquascaping Rocks, Stones and Wood

Increase the beauty of an aquarium landscape with these unique style stones and rocks to look like miniature rock formations. These all-natural materials are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes to enhance aquascaping setups.





Marineland_AdjustableLighting_LowRes2Marineland Adjustable Lights

PODs can be added and repositioned to increase brightness, customize light color and highlight particular areas in the aquarium. Tailor light settings and arrangements. Adjust and control light intensity, spectral output and control color, as well as choose between a day and night mode.



SFBB Reef MultipackReef Multi-Pack

Reef Multi-Pack is everything that’s needed to feed a reef in one package. It contains six cubes each of Marine Cuisine, Coral Cuisine, Fish Eggs and Reef Plankton. These four foods offer a variety of particle sizes and seven types of zooplankton that stimulate the natural feeding behaviors of reef inhabitants. Reef Multi-Pack is an excellent choice for feeding mixed reef aquariums.









kent discus


Kent Marine Discus Essential

Kent Marine Discus Essential replaces important trace materials found in lakes streams and rivers that are important to fish and plants and removed through chemical filtration. The color, vigor and overall health of fish can be negatively affected by the lack of these trace minerals. Kent Marine Discus Essential can be used for all freshwater fish.




Acurel Wave KitThe Wave Kit

The WaveKit from Acurel is a starter kit that doubles as an organizer and contains everything you need to help keep your fish happy, healthy and vibrant while keeping your aquarium clean and clear. All kit products are also sold individually. The Wave Kit contains two bottles of BodyGuard+ water conditioner, one bottle of Acurel F 100 percent natural water clarifier, one bottle of HealthGuard color enhancer and one bottle of BodyGuard RX vitamin booster.