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The Seafood Diet

Pet Age Staff//April 1, 2019//

The Seafood Diet

Pet Age Staff //April 1, 2019//

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Like all pets, what and how much fish are fed are important for aquatic enthusiasts to know and consider. First is what is in the food that fish consume. The diets for herbivore and meat-eating species differ and take their respective digestion needs into account. And while there are various types of fish food on the market, not all fish respond to them.

For example, flakes are the common form of dry fish food, but dry food exists in other forms like pellets and granules that best suit specific fish. Some fish will also enjoy frozen food such as shrimp, bloodworms, plankton, prawn, krill or mussels. And although they are meat-eaters, carnivorous fish should avoid being fed beef because it’s hard for them to digest.

Second is how much fish are fed. For many fish, too much food can lead to increased waste from both the leftover food and from the fish in the tank, thus making aquarium cleanings more frequent. Quite simply, feed a fish only what they will eat in five minutes or less. However, herbivores can be fed more frequently or given live greens that they can snack on throughout the day. And the size of the tank is not an indication for how much food is necessary.

Quality and quantity of aquatic food is crucial for manufacturers and retailers to communicate to aquatic enthusiasts, especially if they are new to the sector. Providing them with detailed information on what they should feed and how much they should feed, all based on the types of aquatic species they have, will benefit the health of the fish and the consumer’s aquatic experience.

These products cover all the bases of the aquatic diet. From flakes to frozen, there is a food product to delight any fish or aquatic species. And with a varied selection, customers can rest assured knowing what is available on the market and why the product they are being guided to is the best fit for them and their fish.


sera nature foodsera Nature Food

The new sera Nature food types are manufactured entirely without dyes and preservatives, and thus allow for a particularly natural ornamental fish diet. The new food types include Vipan Nature (staple food), San Nature (color food), Flora Nature (herbal food) and two treats: GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature.


PE PelletsPE Pellets by Piscine Energetics

Hand-crafted in small batches at the Piscine Energetics’ laboratory in British Columbia, Canada, PE Pellets are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in all varieties of fish. Both saltwater and freshwater PE Pellets contain fresh PE Mysis as the leading ingredient, resulting in a rich, nutritionally complete diet.


Hikari Bio-Pure Lake Okanagan Freshwater Mysis ShrimpHikari Bio-Pure Freshwater Mysis Shrimp

These freshwater mysis shrimp, harvested from the glacier-fed waters of Lake Okanagan, make them ideal for most large marine fish. They’re naturally gut-loaded with algae and high in phospholipids, and help marine fish complete the osmotic process using less energy.







Cobalt_Marine_Vegi_Cubes_72dpiFrozen Marine Vegi

Cobalt Frozen Marine Vegi is a complete formula for all marine herbivorous fish. This highly palatable formula helps finicky marine fish to eat prepared foods. It is loaded with rotifers, krill and phyra sp. seaweed for consistent growth and color.







Tetramin FoodTetraMin Packaging

TetraMin with Active Life Formula helps nutritionally support a fish’s immune system for optimal health and long life. Based on long-term university studies, the proprietary formula joins high-quality, complete nutrition with even more benefits. TetraMin continues to be made with patented, health-enhancing ProCare. This precise blend of immunostimulants, vitamins, biotin and Omega 3 fatty acids is custom-designed to strengthen fish’s resistance to disease and stress.





FUSIONFUSION Premium Flake Foods

This line of flakes was developed as a natural premium diet with limited ingredients suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquarium fish. Five times thicker than standard flake foods, FUSION flakes come in four different flavors and do not contain as many fillers as its competitors.


V20 newVisionAllinOne1000New Vision V20 Foods

The marine fish food blend, which is coated with 100-percent pure Antarctic krill oil, is made of four different pellet foods and two flake foods. The flakes are “cold-processed” to provide live probiotics, and the food has essential nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids. Some pieces float, some sink and some stay in the middle, ensuring all of the aquarium is fed.





Blackwater Aquatic Nutrition Gold-N KoiBlackwater Gold-N by Aquatic Nutrition

The combination of premium ingredients and micro-nutrients and vitamins helps digestion and maximum uptake of nutrients. The formula is fortified with probiotics in sufficient quantities to maximize digestion while minimizing waste output. Gold-N can also be ground up to feed small fish for fast growth and good body shape.