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Featured: Get the Betta: The Gateway Fish

BY SARA KEEGAN There are many types of betta fish, and they all have two things in common: they are pretty to look at and easy to take care of. They’re also considered a ‘gateway fish’ by many fishkeepers and experts in the pet industry. “They’re a very good starter fish,” said Mike Scott, owner […]

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Broaden the Base

The tide is turning in favor of saltwater fish. As many retailers know, the saltwater fish category as a whole often suffers from an image problem. Getting into the marine side of things has the reputation of being expensive, too much work and too hard to find success. But thanks to new aquarium kits, heartier fish and other innovations, the saltwater category is shaking […] Read More →

Water Care Made Easy

It’s a simple fact that fish thrive in clean water. Keeping the right pH balance and “bad” bacteria at bay helps keep oxygen levels high and infections low. While the basic science of properly balanced water doesn’t change, there are some new innovations and trends in the water treatment category that help improve customer satisfaction, […] Read More →

At Your Service

BY SARA KEEGAN Aquariums can make an excellent addition to a home or office, but servicing one’s own tanks can be time consuming and difficult. Providing maintenance services through a fish store can be a boon to a retailer’s revenue and build trust and lasting relationships with fishkeepers. Some fish stores, such as The Fish […] Read More →

Filter Features

Having a clean aquarium with healthy water is the most important element for success in fishkeeping. And as anyone who has had an aquarium knows, having the right filter for the tank is a key component to a clean aquarium. Of course, filters don’t eliminate the need for water changes and regular tank maintenance, but […] Read More →

In-Demand Aquarium Decor

By Sara Keegan When a retailer has had an aquatics store for long enough, he or she sees a lot of trends come and go. And still, tradition can’t be denied. “We are more of a natural store, but some customers are going the other way,” said Jim Kostich, manager of Aquatics Unlimited. By “the […] Read More →

Space and Stock

Spring is a time when pond and water garden owners start taking stock of what they need for the coming season, and aquatics stores should be ready to accommodate their needs. Gardening and home improvement centers, as well as big box pet stores have realized the value of stocking pond supplies but often lack knowledgeable […] Read More →

An Aquatic Adventure

Bright colors, new characters and an interactive experience—this might sound like a description of the latest smartphone app, but it’s actually what retailers and consumers can look forward to from the world of GloFish. When these bright-colored fish hit the market a little over 10 years ago, they immediately started making waves, adding something new […] Read More →

Fancy Fish

Aquatic retailers are always looking for ways to separate themselves from big box and online vendors and stand out in the crowd. If you don’t already feature ornamental goldfish as part of your livestock inventory, now is the time to start! Orandas, ryukins, lionheads, telescope eyes, pearlscales, bubble eyes and other varieties of top quality […] Read More →

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