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Featured: Suit Their Needs

Setting up an aquarium for the first time can be a daunting venture for many consumers. The tasks of selecting the right tank size, filter, lighting and other aspects are enough to make one’s head spin. When you add to that the alternatives that consumers have for spending their leisure time and money, it become […]

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Focus on Foods

They say “you are what you eat,” and this is certainly true when it comes to aquarium inhabitants. A varied diet of high quality foods promotes color, growth, resistance to disease and, of course, spawning in tropical and pond fish, as well as corals and other invertebrate. While it is true that today’s flake and […] Read More →

High Technology

The aquarium hobby is increasingly influenced by modern technology, and the range of equipment available today can be mind boggling, both in sophistication and price. If you’re hesitant at the thought of stocking a lot of high-tech aquarium equipment on the grounds that it tends to have lower profit margins and turnover rates, you may […] Read More →

All About Color

Green, orange, red, purple, pink and gold—with corals available in such a variety of colors, it’s no wonder the popularity of reef keeping continues to grow. “The reef aquarium category has seen incredible growth in the last decade, and it’s still growing,” said Daniel Griffin, a sales support and education specialist at Seachem. “One of […] Read More →

Good and Simple

Fish food in flake form has been on shelves of retail establishments for more than 60 years. The thin wafers filled with nutritious elements fish need provide the ultimate in convenience for fish owners. “Flakes and pellets can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, densities and formulations so that fish of all sizes and […] Read More →

Thinking Ahead

Although summer is still going strong, if you live in an area that experiences the changing of seasons, it’s time to get your customers thinking about preparing their ponds for winter. What climate zone you’re in, how large and deep a pond is, and what type of fish and plants are in it will determine […] Read More →

Going Big with Bettas

Walk into any pet store selling fish these days, and you’ll see betta fish and betta-related products taking up anywhere from eight to 16 feet on the shelf. You might even find some stores with an entire aisle devoted to bettas, with signage pointing customers to the betta department. It’s a far cry from a […] Read More →

Riding the Natural Wave

For retailers who see customers pick up a product and read its ingredients list, it is obvious that today’s consumers are paying more attention to what they put in their aquariums. After all, every fish owner only wants the best for their fish, and using products that are made with all-natural ingredients helps people feel […] Read More →

Life on the Reef

Today’s reef hobbyists have literally hundreds of livestock choices for their aquariums, with new varieties entering the trade almost weekly. Stocking a wide selection of healthy, interesting reef-appropriate creatures and helping shoppers make good buying decisions can go a long way toward ensuring their success in the hobby and enhancing your store’s reputation in the […] Read More →

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