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Swimming to See

Pet Age Staff//February 4, 2019//

Swimming to See

Pet Age Staff //February 4, 2019//

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In addition to vision being important for aquarists to view their beloved livestock, it is also an important sensory system for the fish themselves. Some species of fish can see ultraviolet and some are sensitive to polarized light. That means that the lighting for aquariums should cater to the visionary needs of all the aquatic species that inhabit it. On the basic scale, aquarium lighting allows hobbyists to observe their aquarium.

But lighting also impacts the growth of plants or corals in aquariums and the behavior, color and stress levels of the fish in it as well. Having incorrect lighting will result in the excess materialization of algae, poor plant health and fish health issues.

Manufacturers are creating various lighting options that benefit aquarium tank sizes, aquatic species and more. These include fluorescent types, halide types, LED types and more. Retailers should be well versed on the different types and the benefits of each brand’s types so that aquarium hobbyists can provide their fish with the best lighting possible. Because different bulbs and light fixtures work best for certain aquatic setups.

In addition to more lighting types, the design and look of these lights also correlate with the latest trends. Many designs feature slim and sleek profiles, shapes that are unique and match interior design, switches or modes for adjusting brightness levels, smartphone-controlled apps and abilities to change colors. These designs give aquarium hobbyists options that provide them with additional creative outlets without sacrificing quality and functionality. Knowing the products that offer all those assets gives both manufacturers and retailers an opportunity to build stronger connections with their consumers on what they want for their aquariums.

These products put functionality and creativity at the forefront. With different lighting types and physical designs, aquarium hobbyists can ensure their aquatic species are happy and healthy, incorporate individuality to their aquatic landscape and be able to show off their fish in a whole new light.


Ultum-Aquatics-T&P-219-3Ultum Nature Series

Ultum offers a premium LED lighting solution for freshwater planted aquariums. A premium LED lighting solution for freshwater planted aquariums, the UNS Titan 1 features a sleek profile and RGB technology that brings an aquascape to life with intensified coloration for aquatic plants and fish. Experience plant growth like never before.


Cobalt-Aquatics-T&P-219Cobalt C-ray LED Light Fixtures

Cobalt Aquatics’ line of C-ray LED light fixtures bring powerful LEDs, minimalist design and advanced electronics together for the ultimate in aquarium light fixtures. The innovative C-ray lights incorporate high output chips, fill light strips, and circular Halo moon lights to provide strong, evenly distributed PAR output in one full spectrum, controllable array. With multiple mounting options, app driven Wi-Fi controllability, exclusive quartz optical lenses, compact design and a waterproof power adapter, the C-ray sets a new standard for aquarium lighting.


Marineland-Aquatics-T&P-219Marineland Adjustable Lights

With Marineland Adjustable Lights, PODs can be added and repositioned to increase brightness, customize light color and highlight particular areas in the aquarium. Consumers can choose from an Essential LED lights and Advanced LED lights. The Essential LED Light is a perfect fit for fish-only aquariums from 10 to 75 gallons. The Advanced LED light fits aquariums from 20 to 75 gallons and has twin tracks and fixed cool white LEDs for added brightness.


GloFish-Aquatics-T&P-219-2GloFish Color-Changing Ornaments

For aquariums, these ornaments are equipped with a GloFish Cycle Light or blue and black light LEDs to delight fishkeepers young and old. The new treasure chest, castle, frog log and Gloria GloFish figures all fluoresce under blue light and change colors when placed under black light.




box2Tetra Brand Goldfish Program

The new Goldfish Program includes new Goldfish Aquarium Kits, Goldfish Nutrition & Water Care and a Goldfish Information Center online. Goldfish Aquarium Kits, available in 10- and 20-gallon sizes, are tailored and appropriately sized to meet the specific needs of goldfish. Samples of goldfish-specific food and water care products are provided to optimize goldfish health and help consumers understand the products to look for at their retailers.


Lifegard-Aquatics-T&P-219Lifegard Full Spectrum LED Light

This cool running, energy efficient LED light fixture provides excellent general purpose lighting for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Ultra-slim LEDs deliver full spectrum light intensity that is ideal for aquatic plants and saltwater aquariums. The lights feature a two-mode on/off switch, and the LED board is protected by a clear poly-carbonate sheet that protects the LEDs from moisture damage.


LRM-Alt AAqamai LRM

Aqami’s new line of smart phone-controlled tank accessories can be driven by an app without any mechanical controls necessary. The Aqamai LRM is a professional reef aquarium lighting system that is silent, easy to install and has six channels to control color and intensity of UV.


Ascent-Aquatics-T&P-219Ascent Frameless LED Kits

Far from the traditional aquarium frame, Ascent Frameless Aquarium Kits feature polished edges and floating base accentuating its modern design. The angled top creates a distinctive silhouette truly unique and perfect for home or office. The ultramodern design also serves an aesthetic and functional purpose. The kit includes the glass aquarium, a cover with LED lighting, QuietFlow Power Filtration, a filter cartridge, premium fish food, water conditioner and a set-up guide.


Fluval-Aquatics-T&P-219Fluval Prism Underwater Spotlight

This remote-controlled, high-output spotlight LED allows you to create up to 80 fun-inspired, multi-color lighting options, including special effects and weather effects to match your desired mood or decor. For fresthwater and saltwater aquariums, the remote-controlled, high-output LED spotlight is fully submersible and can create up to 80 multi-color lighting options, including special effects. It is made from high-tech ceramic for superior quality and durability.



SAMSUNG CSCFinnex Planted+ 24/7 Aquarium LED

The Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED fixture allows a hands-free simulated sunrise and sunset to take effect atop an aquarium. The 24/7 feature starts with a cool-lit dawn, transition into a warm sunrise morning, followed by an intense color blazing high noon, scaling down to a red sun-downed sunset and finishes with a starry night blue moonlight. The fixture is equipped with a remote that allows day elements such as thunderstorms and cloudy days to be activated with the click of a button.