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Ziggy Marley Launches New Health Supplements for Pets

One Farm//March 1, 2022

Ziggy Marley Launches New Health Supplements for Pets

One Farm//March 1, 2022

In early 2020, Ziggy Marley and his family welcomed a new puppy named Romeo into their home. Romeo quickly became a beloved member of the family. Unable to tour due to the pandemic, Marley spent the year at home and began each morning with Romeo. The pair instantly developed a special bond — so much so that Romeo inspired a children’s book called My Dog Romeo, as well as a single by the same name.

Marley has always loved animals, but his bond with Romeo inspired him to do something to improve their health and wellness so that pets and owners could spend more quality time together. After an introduction via a mutual friend, Marley met One Farm, a health-and-wellness brand that makes plant-based products with organic ingredients sourced directly from the people who grow them.

“Nature has always played a major role in my life,” said Marley, “I was drawn to One Farm because of their use of whole-plant ingredients and their commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency. Health is incredibly important to me. Playing soccer almost every day, my knees have felt the impact over the years. When I saw how active Romeo was as a young dog, I knew I needed to take care of his joint health now, to help prevent problems in the long run.”

One Farm is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has been making botanical wellness products for pets since 2017.

“I started this company to sustainably share nature’s remedies to enrich people’s lives, and the health and wellness of pets is such an important aspect of people’s lives,” CEO and founder Scott Cusack said. “I’m thrilled to work with Ziggy, who shares our passion for quality, nature and sustainability, as well as the desire to help us increase the wellbeing of pets and their owners.”

All of the products are manufactured and packaged by One Farm, tested and verified by a third-party-accredited laboratory, and made with organic ingredients.

“We believe nature designs ingredients better than any laboratory, which is why all of our products are made with whole ingredients from the earth,” said chief product officer Taylor Coomer, who has more than a decade of experience formulating nature-based products.

Some of the partnership’s products will contain CBD that is extracted by One Farm from organic hemp grown in Boulder County, Colorado.

The partnership’s first product is Romeo’s Agility Chews. Each jar includes 35 handcrafted chews made with organic ingredients like turmeric, shitake and cordyceps. The treats are peanut-butter-flavored and contain 5mg of One Farm’s Organic CBD.

Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary offers full support for retailers, offering custom training programs to fit their needs, and easy, no-minimum orders with free shipping over $125. With brand-name recognition, above-average margins, superb quality and total sourcing transparency, retailers can feature Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary products on their shelves with confidence.

To learn more about Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary’s products, ingredients, farms and how to easily set up a wholesale account, visit One Farm.



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