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The Value of the Right Diet for Your Cat


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When it comes to the care of cats, we must take into account changes in growth and behavior experienced at each of the six life stages: kitten, junior, prime, mature, senior and geriatric. For instance, kittens develop faster than human babies, so they need products that quickly address their internal and external development. However, older […] View Product →

Is a Rotational Diet Right for Your Pet?


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Imagine eating the same meals every day. Even if you loved it, and knew you were getting all the nutrients you needed, it would eventually get dull.  It’s the same for your pet! A variety of ingredients and flavors is appealing, tasty and healthy—it enables your furry friend to get a wider range of nutrients, naturally. […] View Product →

Myth-Busting the Ins and Outs of Pet Kennels


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If your customers cringe when you mention crating or kenneling their pets, it’s likely due to the many myths and misconceptions that exist about kenneling. From feeling like they’re putting their pets in “jail” to fears about their pet’s safety and comfort, you can ease your customers’ minds and help them find the right kennel […] View Product →

Pond Safety for All Your Pets


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If your pond is a new addition to your backyard, you might be wondering how compatible it will be with your four-legged friends—mainly, if a pond is safe for your dog or cat as they’re going about their usual business in your yard. Here are a few tips from API for helping you keep your […] View Product →

Domestic Violence Victims Should Not Have to Leave Their Pets Behind


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At Purina, we believe that pets and people are better together. I know that my own dog, Stew, has definitely made my life better, and I cannot imagine being faced with a decision to choose between his safety or my own. Unfortunately, that decision is being made every day by domestic abuse victims who want […] View Product →

Making Dental Care Easier for Cats, Dogs and Their Owners


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Oral hygiene in cats and dogs is an overlooked health issue, according to Scott Reinhardt of Swedencare USA. But it doesn’t have to be: Swedencare USA’s products may help prevent regular clinical dental cleaning or teeth brushing for felines and canines, he says, while also providing a measure of convenience for their owners. “Consumers are […] View Product →

Providing Oral Care that Fits Pet’s Lifestyle


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It has been well established that dental health can compromise a pet’s overall health. If neglected, pets can develop periodontal disease. The bacteria from periodontal disease can filter into the bloodstream and travel to the major organs, include the liver, kidneys and heart, putting pets at risk of developing health problems that extend beyond the […] View Product →

Latest Certification Bolsters Trust in Pet Releaf’s CBD Products


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As a responsible producer of hemp-derived CBD oils, capsules and chews for cats and dogs, Pet Releaf views itself not only as a leader in this field but as “educators in this industry,” says Steve Smith, a co-founder of the Colorado-based company and also its president. “Pet Releaf wants pet families to understand that not all CBD […] View Product →

The Natural, Odor-Eliminating Pellet Litter for Cats and All Small Animals


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Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is for pet parents who value odor control. View Product →

Providing Support for Healthy Bodily Functions


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The goals at Tomlyn are to develop formulations that lead to the healthier lives of pets, while also making products that are easy for pet parents to administer, says Brittany Green, product manager for Tomlyn and sister veterinary division Vetoquinol. Those objectives were achieved once again with Loose Stool Remedy — Firm Fast and Urinary […] View Product →

Finding Solutions to Litter Box Problems


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From the time he opened the All Cat Clinic with his wife more than 40 years ago in Englewood, Colorado, Dr. Bruce Elsey’s professional focus was, as the name of the practice indicates, the health and welfare of felines. One area in particular was a common concern of his clients: inappropriate in-home waste elimination, to […] View Product →

Embrace Litter Improvements with Every Scoop


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The concept of cats using a litter box correlates with their ancestral roots, and the right litter helps identify abnormal behaviors from normal ones. While the concept itself is simple, brands within the litter sector are constantly providing the right litter products. Brands are also meticulously improving these products to further encourage and enhance cats’ […] View Product →

The Importance of Interactive Cat Toys


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There are many benefits of interactive cat toys, from the entertainment and exercise factors to the bond playtime builds between human and pet. It is in a retailer’s best interest to offer consumers cat toys that exhibit as many advantages as possible, and are safe for kitty to lick, chew and more. Vee Enterprises is […] View Product →

Help Small Animals Lead Enriched Lives


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There’s more to keeping companion animals healthy and happy than just providing them with food, water and shelter. While fulfilling these basic needs is essential to their survival, it is not enough to make them feel fully satisfied in life, which is a priority for any caring pet owner. Take small animals, for example—they have […] View Product →

Promote Pet Wellness with Natural Products


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Pets—just like humans—are vulnerable to a variety of conditions that can cause them pain or discomfort. To address these issues, many pet parents prefer to take a natural approach to healing and soothing their furry loved ones. Thankfully for them, there are various natural solutions on the market that are intended to help treat different […] View Product →

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