Pet Therapy’s Pawsitive Impact: Share Your Story With Dr. Elsey’s

Comfort can come in all shapes and sizes, including in the form of whiskers and a tail. Many know firsthand of the unconditional love offered by pets during times of hardship, but did you know there are proven therapeutic benefits to all those purrs and nuzzles?

As it turns out, the comfort our pets offer has a tremendous impact on our healing journey. Animal companionship is known to reduce loneliness, depression and anxiety. Despite the fact they cannot respond to us with words, the company and support of a cat can ease our hearts as we work to process our feelings.

Those suffering from grief may feel their minds lightened when expressing their emotions aloud to their pets, as it’s often easier to talk to a fur-covered face who won’t pass judgment than opening up to a loved one when we’re not ready. The emotional interaction between humans and cats can prove therapeutic and healing.

For this very reason, Dr. Elsey’s is choosing to highlight the benefits of feline companionship through a collection of illustrated stories based on customer-submitted stories in their first digital anthology entitled: The Pawsitive Impacts of Pet Therapy.

Whether it was helping an owner cope through a tough time or simply being by their side when they needed a friend, the healing powers behind pet therapy have influenced so many feline owners within the Dr. Elsey’s community.

Every cat owner has a story to tell. If you’re interested in sharing how cat therapy has impacted your recovery and personal journey, visit Dr. Elsey’s website to submit your story for a chance to be featured next in their illustrated collection.



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