Featured: Eat, Drink and Be Tidy

The primary functions of a bird feeder and a waterer are obvious: to store adequate amounts of nutrition and hydration. However, those two essential receptacles also have an impact on other facets of a bird’s surroundings. That provides retailers with the opportunity to offer a variety of these products so owners can customize to suit […]

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Healthy Pickings

It’s important for bird owners to know what to feed their feathered pets. Bird seeds? Bird pellets? Raw fruits and vegetables? “Even when multiple types of seed are offered, the seed-only diet will not supply the necessary array of vitamins and minerals that is needed for optimal health,” PetCoach states in an article on avian […] Read More →

Welcome Additions

While wild birds don’t encounter fillers, dyes or artificial ingredients when foraging their food, companion birds could be subjected to these additives. However, some additives do serve a purpose in maintaining a well-rounded diet for companion birds, and that goes for all sizes and breeds. By keeping healthy supplemental products in stock, retailers will be […] Read More →

Giftable Necessities

July was the start of the period when retailers began stocking up on products for the winter holiday season. However, for consumers with birds, any day of the year is a good time for gift giving. In fact, according to American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, of the nearly 70 percent […] Read More →

Feathered Fun

When it comes to bird care, it’s important to stimulate their senses, and engaging play is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. As companion birds spend much of their time in a cage, which can make them more prone to loneliness, boredom and behavioral problems like feather picking and screaming. To avoid […] Read More →

Natural and Nutritious

The base diet for any pet bird is one that features balanced nutrition. A quality diet consists of the primary food that is consumed by the bird on a daily basis, followed by everything else that is fed in addition to the diet, which often comes in the form of a snack. In the wild, […] Read More →

In-Flight Meals

When it comes to feeding pet birds, the right food makes all the difference in their overall health. No matter what type of bird consumers have, a balanced diet is key for optimal nutrition. Balancing a bird’s diet from the beginning may prevent many health and behavior problems, but it’s never too late to start […] Read More →

Sky-High Treats

Whether you want to train your pets or just offer them something extra, treats are stimulating rewards that give them a boost in their daily activities and diet. This is no different when it comes to birds. Treats provide feathered companions with additional proteins, vitamins and other minerals necessary for their overall health, but in […] Read More →

On the Wild Side

In their natural habitats, birds have full reign over their territory. Prey is at the mercy of their sharp claws and beaks, and everything is within a flight’s reach for them. That’s thanks to their hollow bones, which makes their range almost endless. This unique feature provides them with all the resources they need for […] Read More →

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