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In-Flight Meals

Pet Age Staff//April 1, 2019//

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In-Flight Meals

Pet Age Staff //April 1, 2019//

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When it comes to feeding pet birds, the right food makes all the difference in their overall health. No matter what type of bird consumers have, a balanced diet is key for optimal nutrition. Balancing a bird’s diet from the beginning may prevent many health and behavior problems, but it’s never too late to start getting birds on a firm footing with their diet.

However, there are dietary differences among birds. Just like woodpeckers and hummingbirds do not eat the same foods, neither do companion birds. For example, there are florivores, whose diet is primarily obtained from flowers; granivores, birds that eat grains and/or seeds, including nuts; frugivores, birds with diets based on fruits; omnivores, whose diet can consist of both plant and animal components; and nectarivores, who eat mostly nectar.

Manufacturers and retailers should be well-versed on the types of food diets and which birds adhere to those diets. Knowing this information will help them educate customers on the right dietary options for their companion birds, while also guiding them to the brands and products that meet their dietary preferences. For example, if the customer’s parrot is a frugivore, manufacturers and retailers can educate the customer on the best ways to provide a balanced diet with a focus on fruits and then offer them the products that best fit the needs of their parrot.

These products offer a wide variety of nutrition and taste that will satisfy the pickiest of birds. And these products pair well with treats or fresh fruits and nuts, providing birds with the balanced diet they need and the flavors that pique their preferred tastes.

It is beneficial for manufacturers and retailers to have a varied selection of bird foods to offer customers as it gives them the option to find the product that best fits their feathered companion. Because even if a customer’s parrot is a frugivore, it doesn’t mean that their bird will like the same fruit-based products that other frugivores like. By maintaining good customer relationships and having an array of options, industry leaders can ensure that birds are happy and healthy.


Wild Birdseed BlendsWild Birdseed Blends

Premium wild bird food brand Nature’s Window has new package designs coinciding with recipe reformulations that are free of wheat and fillers for maximum nutrition and energy. Nature’s Window’s revolutionary square bag makes merchandising easy, featuring realistic bird photography on a clean background, helpful icons, birding tips and species-specific feeding information.


Coles Bird FeedCole’s Wild Bird Feed

A great way to attract a variety of bird species to your backyard is to offer a variety of foods. Cole’s line of top-quality wild bird feed contains only those seeds that birds actually eat. We only pull from the top 1 to 2 percent of each crop and clean everything a minimum of four times to ensure good-quality seed—not sticks and dirt.

Wild WingsWild Wings

Want to feed the birds but not deal with shells? Try No Filler Bird Thriller, our hull-free blend of chunky sunflower bits and pieces, juicy red peanuts and cracked yellow corn. Containing seeds that are high in oil, this blend is beneficial to wild birds in every season. Wild Wings offers premium, certified organic/non-GMO verified seeds and blends for backyard birds.





Purina Organic Starter GrowerPurina Organic Layer Feed

Purina’s Organic Layer Feed for chickens now includes the exclusive Oyster Strong System, meaning that all the calcium hens need to stay healthy and lay strong-shelled eggs is included in the bag—no supplements needed. Purina Organic Layer Feed is available in crumbles or pellets.







ZuPreem 82020 FruitBlend Med Birds 2lb Front 7 62177 82020 0ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor

ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor is made with 21 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that birds need every day. Real fruit is in each pellet. ZuPreem is recommended by avian veterinarians and bird specialists worldwide. It is made in the USA with grains from the heartland. FruitBlend Flavor is lower in fat than most seeds to support cardiovascular health.


Suet Ball wrapper pkg 3stk imageSuet Balls

Suet Balls by Wildlife Sciences are made with high quality American beef suet. Unique ball shapes offer fun addition to backyard suet feeding. Birding consumers enjoy trying new products to attract and entertain their backyard pets. Enhance your suet selection with specialty items and increase sales.





Consumers are more interested than ever in providing high quality ingredients for their pets and this trend is quickly developing in the wild bird category too. Valley Splendor’s new Elite wild bird food provides only high quality premium ingredients in each of their six blends including Cherry Cobbler, Beak Bistro and Nutcracker Tweet.