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Featured: Catch Customers’ Eyes with Creative, Colorful Bird Toys

With the demise of Toys ‘R’ Us, the great American toy store may be gone. But you can turn your shop into the great American bird toy store and tap into a growing demand from owners seeking fun and excitement for feathered friends. Make no cuttlebones about it—bird baubles, trinkets and playthings are hot commodities […]

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Quality, Variety Matter for Birds’ Daily Diets

Want your store to be the go- to destination for pet bird owners? Prepare to accommodate their tastes—and their pets’ palates—by stocking a diverse assortment of the most important staple in your set: the daily diet. From seeds and pellets to cakes and fruit/veggie/nut mixes, consumers face a glut of confusing choices when hunting for […] Read More →

Products for Backyard Fowl Deserve a Place on Store Shelves

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Ask urban poultry pet keepers, and they’ll likely say it doesn’t matter, as both are equally important. That’s because these folks are increasingly turning barnyard birds like hens, roosters, ducks and geese into backyard companions that can be as appreciated as pets as they are as egg-layers. […] Read More →

Boost Sales by Offering a Wider Selection of Quality Perches

Pet retailers who want to remain in good standing with bird owner patrons need to give stronger thought to the essential cage fixture that all birds stand on: the prized and practical perch. That’s because the wearisome wooden dowels and plain plastic poles of yesteryear have been replaced by exciting new materials and designs intended […] Read More →

Follow the Goodie Trail: Diversifying Avian Treats

The short and sweet secret to sugarcoating sales is simple: offer bird lovers plenty of short and sweet products in the form of tasty avian treats. After all, few things appeal to a winged companion’s palate—and benefit your bottom line—quite like succulent snacks, crunchy morsels and delectable goodies designed to make your register ring. Indeed, […] Read More →

Wild Bird Products Attract Nature Lovers

If trees could talk, they’d wax poetically about all the wonderful winged creatures that flock to their branches. Fortunately for homeowners, they don’t need to rely on the testimony of elms, maples and birches—they can see with their own eyes how colorful and captivating wild birds are from the comforts of their own windows and […] Read More →

Spiffing Up Sales

Before meeting the Wizard, Dorothy and her companions broke out into a happy song while getting primped and pampered during the “Merry Old Land of Oz” number in the classic 1939 film, “The Wizard of Oz.” Provide a healthy variety of avian grooming services and products in your store and customers are likely to be […] Read More →

Finches and Canaries can Bring Big Bird Sales

They may be minuscule compared to the majestic size of a large hookbill, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in value. That’s because finches and canaries serve as great low maintenance pets that can add color, cheerful chirping and melodic mirth to any home. And that’s music to the […] Read More →

Play in the Bowl Game

On the priority list of important SKUs, food and water receptacles are likely low. Typically included in a cage setup, they’re often plastic, flimsy and forgettable. But poor design and materials can often lead to waste, mess and unhealthy conditions. That’s why it’s wise to stock an assortment of feeders and waterers, many of which […] Read More →

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