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Featured: Time to Branch Out

You can’t exactly put yourself “in a bird’s shoes.” But imagine how their feet must feel gripping the same cylindrical surface day after day. Now imagine how you can capitalize on educating customers about how to avoid this fatigued foot fate. By stocking a wider array of perches and related accessories in your store and […]

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Beyond the Norm

They say the cure for feeling cooped up is to spread your wings and fly. But many bird product retailers are content to confine sales of cages—the most crucial avian commodity that bird owners purchase—to a limited supply and a small selection. That’s an opportunity missed, say the experts, who recommend expanding your offerings to […] Read More →

Hello, Birdie

By Jennifer Higgins February may be looking in its rearview mirror at the holidays now long passed, but the winter weather is sticking around. As we hunker down in the warmth and safety of our homes, you can see that our feathered friends outside are doing whatever they can to survive the elements. Though a […] Read More →

Bird Grooming 101

By Dr. Laurie Hess, Dipl ABVP (Avian Practice) When people hear about pet grooming, they typically think of shampooing, coat clipping and blow drying. But, as an avian veterinarian, I think about nails, wings and beaks. Birds, just like dogs and cats, need regular grooming to stay healthy and safe. While wild birds use their […] Read More →

Sales that Sing

Busy consumers are constantly on the lookout for dummy-proof pets that are relatively inexpensive. That’s where softbills like finches and canaries fit a nice niche. Crested, red factor and bright yellow canaries as well as zebra, society and Gouldian finches and their family are low maintenance, colorful and compact. Depending on the species, they also […] Read More →

The Bowl Truth

Skeptical about bird receptacles? It’s important not to overlook merchandise mainstays like feeders and waterers, which every bird owner needs. In fact, many customers are willing to pay more for an upgrade that improves on the cheap vertical vessels of edibles included in a starter cage—provided you can upsell them on the benefits of a […] Read More →

Accent on Enhancement

Humans increasingly look to health boosters like vitamins and minerals, probiotics, encapsulated nutrients, natural extracts, powders and ointments to augment their immune systems, fortify their nutrition and feel better. Considering their penchant for wellness products, it’s only natural, then, that bird owners are seeking supplements by the score for their winged companions in an effort […] Read More →

As Mother Nature Intended

There is a reason people prefer the real thing to items like imitation crab meat, silk flowers and cubic zirconia: You simply can’t improve upon nature. If birds could talk, they’d tell you the same thing if you filled their dish with artificially flavored edibles loaded with fillers. It’s little wonder, then, that natural products […] Read More →

Bite-Sized Business Opportunities

Lacking pearly whites, birds may never have a “sweet tooth” like their human companions experience, but they do get a mean case of “treat beak” that can only be satiated by indulging in tasty snacks, delicious nibbles and between-meal yummies. And that’s where you come in, Mr. and Ms. Pet Retailer—when Polly needs a sweet […] Read More →

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