On the Wild Side

Pet Age Staff//February 4, 2019//

On the Wild Side

Pet Age Staff //February 4, 2019//

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In their natural habitats, birds have full reign over their territory. Prey is at the mercy of their sharp claws and beaks, and everything is within a flight’s reach for them. That’s thanks to their hollow bones, which makes their range almost endless. This unique feature provides them with all the resources they need for survival.

One of the best ways to enjoy wild birds from the comfort of your home is to watch birds at a feeder. The general rule for feeding is to not feed them when it might cause them harm, but the feeding of wild birds can actually help them during extreme temperatures, migration and when their natural seed sources are depleted.

Understanding the habitat and instincts of birds gives way to new, creative innovations. That’s why products that have a wild flair are becoming common in the creative market. It’s imperative for wild birds to have products that represent the features of nature because they are not being exposed to it in captivity.

These products have features that mirror the necessities of the wild, and will help with the creation of a haven for local birds. By offering food, water, shelter and refuge from such hazards as toxic sprays and mowers, wild birds will provide countless hours of enjoyment for nature lovers.





Trinket by Greenfeather Bird Supply

The Trinket offers plenty to keep the tiny beaks of finches and other small wild birds busy shaking, poking and rattling. Trinket offers both colorful discs and cute creature link combinations, along with texture appeal for those curious little tongues to explore. Finished with a mini nickel plated bell for soft noise fun, the Trinket is handmade in the USA.









Natures Widow-Bird-T&P-219

Wild Birdseed Blends

Premium wild bird food brand Nature’s Window has new package designs coinciding with recipe reformulations that are free of wheat and fillers for maximum nutrition and energy. Nature’s Window’s revolutionary square bag makes merchandising easy, featuring realistic bird photography on a clean background, helpful icons, birding tips and species-specific feeding information.

Tropical Carnival-Bird-T&P-219


Tropical Carnival Baked Pretzel Treats

Brown’s Tropical Carnival Baked Pretzels Parrot & Macaw Treats are a fun and interactive treat for parrots, cockatoos, macaws and other large hookbills. Baked Pretzels are easy for birds to grasp and hold, making feeding time fun and exciting. They’re a great chewing treat for beak and gum health.




Cole’s Wild Bird Feed

A great way to attract a variety of bird species to your backyard is to offer a variety of foods. Cole’s line of top quality wild bird feed contains only those seeds that birds actually eat. We only pull from the top 1-2 percent of each crop and clean everything a minimum of four times to ensure you get good quality seed – not sticks and dirt.



Wild Wings



Wild Wings

Want to feed the birds but not deal with shells? Try No Filler Bird Thriller, our hull-free blend of chunky sunflower bits and pieces, juicy red peanuts and cracked yellow corn. Containing seeds that are high in oil, this blend is beneficial to wild birds in every season. Wild Wings offers premium, certified organic /non-GMO verified seeds and blends for backyard birds.