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EpiCor Pets: Unleash the Power of Postbiotics

EpiCor Pets//December 1, 2022

EpiCor Pets: Unleash the Power of Postbiotics

EpiCor Pets//December 1, 2022

Pets are part of the family. Therefore, it makes sense that pet parents continue to seek natural, wholesome ingredients in pet products that deliver visible health benefits. How can pet supplement manufacturers meet these types of nutritional needs? Introducing Postbiotics — the solution you’ve been searching for. 

EpiCor Pets is a postbiotic product composed of metabolites and beneficial compounds made through a natural fermentation process. Our postbiotic ingredient has natural antioxidant power and supports a dog’s immune defenses to help them live more healthy days. EpiCor Pets postbiotic is not a single compound as are many functional ingredients in the marketplace. EpiCor Pets is a microbial fermentate that has its own unique “molecular fingerprint” consisting of multiple bioactive compounds and postbiotics that are created using Cargill’s proprietary fermentation technology. 

When you think of the gut microbiome, probiotics and yeast are like factories that use fibers, or prebiotics, as fuel during a fermentation process to make beneficial metabolites in the gut. With EpiCor Pets postbiotic you can fast-track this system and deliver those metabolites — and all the health benefits they offer —  directly to the gut! 

As a human-grade, highly concentrated ingredient, EpiCor Pets is a unique combination of postbiotics and bioactive compounds that work naturally with the dog’s biology to maintain immune strength and promote a healthy microbial balance. 

The EpiCor brand has a real-life health discovery story that consumers remember, and EpiCor Pets has the important attributes pet owners are looking for in products, such as natural, human-grade, non-GMO project verified, vegan and grain-, corn-, wheat-, soy- and pea-free. Not only that, EpiCor Pets is formulation friendly — it’s stable through extrusion and other manufacturing processes and has a savory flavor that dogs love — making it simple to create supplements they’ll enjoy. 


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