The Natural, Odor-Eliminating Pellet Litter for Cats and All Small Animals

Pet parents want to love their cat kid, not smell their cat kid. When it comes to choosing a cat litter, most pet parents value odor control above all else.

“Walnut shells have a natural ability to control ammonia odor,” said Helen Cantrell, director of marketing and sales at Naturally Fresh. “Using walnut shells for all of our products is a win-win because they naturally neutralize the smell of cat urine, and they provide an eco-friendly use for the shells.”

One of those products is Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter. Pellet litters can be a great alternative to clumping litters when it comes to odor control. Plus, pellet litter allows for easier cleanup. Simply skim out solid waste daily and refill with new pellets when needed.Naturally Fresh_secondary image_new pellet bag

And unlike a clay-based litter, Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is biodegradable, virtually dust-free and doesn’t stick to paws – the benefits are cleaner air and floor surfaces around the home, among others.

Two additional qualities standout with this Pellet Litter: It’s ideal for cats and all small animals, and it controls up to seven times more odor than other leading non-clumping litters.

Now packaged in a 10-pound bag, Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is for pet parents who value odor control, want a natural litter for their pet children and are looking for an alternative to clay litter at an affordable price.

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