June 1, 2019

There are many benefits of interactive cat toys, from the entertainment and exercise factors to the bond playtime builds between human and pet. It is in a retailer’s best interest to offer consumers cat toys that exhibit as many advantages as possible, and are safe for kitty to lick, chew and more.

Vee Enterprises is one of many manufacturers of interactive wand toys that enable cats to act on their natural predatory instincts while also allowing them to get a workout and connect with their owners on a deeper level. Products include the Wispy Bouncer, featuring soft, natural iridescent peacock flue feathers, and the Satin Bouncer, with satin tassels that are intended for batting or biting. There is also the PURRfect Go-Fur-It wand, which has a plastic string coil that stretches over 8 feet, and has an end with faux fur and natural tinted feathers for energetic cats to chase and capture. Additional toys from the company include the Crinkle Bouncer and the Feather Bouncer, which intrigue felines with the sound of rustling bushes or a bird in flight.

Lifestyle Cat2“With over 20 toys created since Vee’s launch, there is something for every type of cat,” said Eric Merva, sales manager at Vee Enterprises. “From the debut of the Original PURRfect Cat Toy in 1988, Vee Enterprises began designing products under three guiding principles. First, USA-made parts. Purchasing solely from U.S. manufacturers allows Vee Enterprises to ensure that their parts and materials are 100 percent non-toxic. Second, U.S.-manufactured toys. All toys are manufactured by hand in Los Angeles, California. Last, always innovative. A toy should be inspired; it has to be if it wants to capture a pet and pet owner’s imagination.”

It’s a good idea for retailers to teach customers—especially those who are first-time cat owners—about the importance of interactive toys while also helping them select the right ones. “Choosing products that are not only interesting for cats but also safe for them and their owners is key to ensuring a happy and healthier lifestyle,” added Merva. “Toys that are meant for cats to play with by themselves miss out on the many benefits of interactive toys such as exercise, mental stimulation and a strengthened bond. Vee Enterprises’ products meet these needs and fit the bill PURRfectly, as they are always cat-tested and approved before they hit the market.”

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