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Science Selective: Food That Meets the Needs of House Rabbits

Supreme Petfoods//July 1, 2021

Cute rabbit on sofa, close up

Cute rabbit on sofa, close up

Science Selective: Food That Meets the Needs of House Rabbits

Supreme Petfoods//July 1, 2021

For some time, cats and dogs have benefited from tailored nutrition customised to their lifestyle as well as lifestage. But did you know it’s also possible to do the same for rabbits?

In the U.S., millions of house rabbits are kept indoors in high welfare environments that also ensure they are safe from predators and difficult weather conditions, yet many foods were originally developed for rabbits living an outdoor lifestyle.

Supreme Petfoods decided to change all that in 2019, realizing that house rabbits had specific needs. The House Rabbit specific product is now part of the company’s Science Selective range to meet the requirements of these much-loved herbivores.


Something to Chew on…

Science Selective House Rabbit has a formulation that contains a high fiber mix of forages that more closely reflects natural grazing patterns of wild rabbits, offering both nutrition and a variety of tastes to enjoy. Fibre sources include timothy hay, grass and the herb thyme to help meet that need for variety.

While the whole Selective range contains a balanced additional of vitamins and minerals that matches the specific species need, House Rabbit is specially fortified with essential vitamins A and D. Rabbits kept indoors don’t always get sufficient vitamin D, which is a vitamin that is made when they are exposed to sunlight. Having access to this additional supply removes the uncertainty over whether enough is being produced by the pet and will help keep them healthy.


Crunchy texture, healthy recipe

Of course, the Selective range is known for its extruded kibbles – these foods are made under high temperature and pressure to produce a complete nutritional matrix that’s bound together without using sugary syrups or molasses. The process results in a light and crunchy texture that rabbits love to chew on and because every kibble provides uniform nutrition, it helps prevent the potential risks that can arise from selective feeding.

Thanks to Supreme’s special know-how, the kibbles also contain more fiber than would otherwise be found in a kibble and this matrix, which should be fed alongside hay, also helps rabbits avoid weight gain, which can be an issue when they are less active. Extremes of temperature outdoors, especially in very hot or cold areas, can also increase a rabbit’s calorie requirement due to stress, so a higher fiber diet is ideal once they are protected indoors.


An Easy Choice

Science Selective House Rabbit looks great on a shelf as part of the expert small pet brand portfolio and Supreme have long advocated sensible merchandising strategies that help the product to be chosen quickly from the small pet fixture. It’s a product that pet owners instantly recognize as one that’s specific to their pet’s needs and it benefits from the halo effect of the range, which meets the needs of a wide variety of small pet species, making it ideal for multi-pet households.

Retailers can find out more, including accessing information that’s been produced for expert retailers and veterinarians, at


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