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Redbarn Pet Products Checks Every Box with Natural, Rawhide-alternative Chews

Redbarn Pet Products//February 1, 2018

Redbarn Pet Products Checks Every Box with Natural, Rawhide-alternative Chews

Redbarn Pet Products//February 1, 2018

The customer is always right—it’s the cardinal rule of any industry, especially those that deal directly with customers. In the same vein, it’s essential to a business’s success that its owners listen to and learn customers’ desires. It might be stating the obvious to say that every product on a store shelf must have qualities that customers want, and the more boxes a product checks, the better.

So, what do customers want? Paying attention is essential in this business, so the list is easy for most retailers to rattle off: natural; manufactured according to high safety standards; sustainable; and, especially in the case of dog owners, high meat/protein content. Luckily for retailers and their customers, Redbarn Pet Products has all the bases covered in the chew category with their rawhide-alternative bully sticks and natural chews.

“When Redbarn labels a product as natural or uses our ‘Redbarn Naturals’ logo, it means that the product contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. In addition, that product has been processed without using any artificial chemicals,” said Rashell Cooper, marketing director for the company. “By processing our natural products without artificial chemicals, Redbarn is exceeding the standards.”

This matters especially when Redbarn’s Naturals line of rawhide-alternative chews are compared to rawhide chews, which are often processed with chemicals to remove fat and hair from the skin, according to the American Kennel Club. Eighty-percent of Redbarn’s products are also sourced and manufactured in the U.S., including the company’s tendons, hooves, ears and bones. Of those few products that aren’t, Redbarn holds them to the same high production standard in its company-owned facility.

“Some ingredients from abroad are higher quality than ingredients found in the United States,” Cooper Cali Flat Bully Weave lifestyle shot 1said. “Our bully sticks are sourced and manufactured in South America at a Redbarn-owned plant that we hold to the same quality assurance standards as our Kansas-based facility.

“We start by hand-selecting the very best bully sticks on the market, then we use a proprietary process that allows us to lock in the freshness and provide premium quality standards pet owners are looking for,” Cooper explained. “What’s left? A bully stick with essentially no smell, and the great beefy taste that dogs love. It takes a little bit more time and effort, but our canine customers are worth it!”

And while the Natural Bully Sticks come in the classic cylindrical shape, Redbarn takes a step further in ensuring that every dog, each with a unique chew style and strength, is kept engaged. Barbells, braids, weaves and springs are just a few of the shapes available, and many are made in varying sizes. All are single ingredient chews and made through sustainable processes.

“Uniquely shaped treats are a more durable alternative to standard bully sticks,” Cooper said. “If dogs chew through regular bully sticks fairly quickly, offer them a new challenge with a shaped bully stick, like a bully ring or braided bully stick.

“It’s not just a chew that helps to support their dental health, but also offers them a fun puzzle,” Cooper added. “Bully sticks are also low in fat and high in protein, making them a nutritious option for dogs of every breed.”


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