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Providing the Best Nutrition to Consumers on a Limited Budget

ZIWI//December 1, 2020

Providing the Best Nutrition to Consumers on a Limited Budget

ZIWI//December 1, 2020

If you asked your customers, most would probably say that they only want the very best for their pets. However, as a retailer you know that the very best can come with a price tag that has the potential to raise the eyebrows of a portion of your customers. Those who are pet parents to one or two small dogs might be willing to purchase high quality, small quantity, premium-priced pet foods for their baby. However, for a good percentage of customers—those with large dogs, those with multiple dogs or those on a budget—purchasing food in two-pound bags that cost $50 or more may not be practical or affordable.

How can you help all your customers provide their pets with the very best nutrition despite their being on a limited budget? By directing them to foods that meet the highest nutrition requirements that are also extremely versatile like ZIWI Peak dog foods.

ZIWI Peak is handcrafted in small batches and gently air-dried to maintain the flavor and nutritional value of its ingredients. ZIWI Peak’s recipe has been designed to match a dog’s biological needs with recipes that are different from most grain free foods. They feature up to 96 percent meat, organs and seafood, which are natural sources of amino acids, including taurine, which is important for heart health. This line of pet food also is free of growth hormones, grains and sugars while being low in carbohydrates and free from the types of carbs that dogs don’t need, including potatoes and lentils. ZIWI Peak is also more than 95 percent digestible, which means more nutrients are absorbed by pets and fewer are just excreted in their stools.

In addition to being highly nutritious, ZIWI Peak is incredibly versatile, providing the nutritional value of raw or fresh foods with the safety and convenience of dry food. Your top-spending customers can just scoop and serve. Your budget-conscious customers can just sprinkle it on their dog’s regular meal as a more cost-effective, nutrition-packed topper. In addition, ZIWI Peak is appropriate for all life stages, which makes it a great choice for customers who have multi-generational packs. These pet owners will be able to utilize ZIWI Peak as a topper for the puppy they want to get off to a great start and the older dog they’re trying to keep in good health.

Finally, any dog parent who has waited and watched as their picky eater or senior dog pushes food around the bowl eating one bite at a time knows that every meal becomes a time-consuming chore. At my house, we currently have four dogs; my own three dogs, Guinevere, Coco and Tinky, as well as a very senior foster dog named Queenie, who is a slow, picky eater. Prior to adding a high-quality topper to Queenie’s dinner, I had to crate all the dogs at mealtime or stand in the kitchen to play bodyguard in order to prevent my young dogs—who basically inhale their own food—from stealing Queenie’s dinner. Adding just a little topper to her meal really increased Queenie’s interest in her dinner and made mealtime a lot less work for me.


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