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Providing Support for Healthy Bodily Functions

Tomlyn//October 9, 2019

Providing Support for Healthy Bodily Functions

Tomlyn//October 9, 2019

The goals at Tomlyn are to develop formulations that lead to the healthier lives of pets, while also making products that are easy for pet parents to administer, says Brittany Green, product manager for Tomlyn and sister veterinary division Vetoquinol.

Those objectives were achieved once again with Loose Stool Remedy — Firm Fast and Urinary Tract Health, two of Tomlyn’s recent offerings supporting healthy bodily processes for cats and dogs.

Both products arrived in August, and while Green admits that wasn’t entirely planned, the double launch worked in the company’s favor, as they are what she describes as “unique products that support different functions but are still related.”

Loose Stool Remedy — Firm Fast, available as a gel and in tablet form, is based on a current Vetoquinol product, Green says.

“During an occurrence of loose stools, a pet parent may not have the opportunity to see the vet right away, so immediate access to a proven product is crucial,” she said. “Adapting this product to the Tomlyn portfolio allows that expansion to retail stores and easy access for the pet parent.”Tomlyn_Loose Stool Remedy and Urinary Tract Health

Tomlyn’s Loose Stool Remedy contains 1 gram of kaolin and 25 milligrams of pectin to help absorb excess water from loose stools and calm the intestinal lining, Green explains. “The added probiotic sets this product apart because it helps to rebuild good bacteria in the gut and on the path to better health,” she added.

While other urinary tract products have 3 percent cranberry concentrations, Tomlyn’s Urinary Tract Health has 10 times that amount, says Green, and it helps to prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract lining so the body can flush it out with each elimination.

With UTH, which comes in tablet form, Tomlyn envisioned the product as an opportunity to educate pet parents about urinary tracts, says Green, adding that dogs are more likely than cats to develop UT infections.

“Spayed dogs deal with changes in hormones that make incontinence more likely, which could lead to UTIs,” Green explained. “Female dogs have shorter urinary tracts, making it easier for external bacteria to travel upward and cause problems. Small dogs have similar issues with short urinary tracts, plus the added complication of being closer to the ground, so there’s a higher likelihood of foreign bacteria traveling upward. Additionally, small dogs as well as retriever types are more likely to have other illnesses at once, making them more likely to get a UTI.”

Tomlyn_lifestyle 2Positive First Fast results are typically seen within a day or two, says Green, while UTH needs more time to take effect—usually after the first bottle is finished (depending on a pet’s weight, daily UTH dosages are half a tablet to three tablets). It’s safe for a cat or dog to use both products at the same time, she adds.

In terms of consumer appeal, Loose Stool Remedy — Firm Fast and Urinary Tract Health are off to a good start, says Green, and she is optimistic about the future of both products.

“Our team has been talking to customers for months gaining interest and momentum, and we’re all relieved to finally fulfil requests,” she said. “Going into 2020, we plan to increase marketing to the pet parent to drive awareness and demand into retail stores. “We’re excited to watch these products grow and continue to provide quality products to pet parents for years to come!”


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