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Now Available From New Zealand: MEOW and WOOF

Pet Palette//March 1, 2021

Now Available From New Zealand: MEOW and WOOF

Pet Palette//March 1, 2021

The days of feeding our pets table scraps and unhealthy kibble are virtually over. As we rediscover the health benefits of whole and raw diet foods for ourselves, it was bound to follow that we would start to question the processed foods that we feed to our dogs and cats as well.

Amber Cordero and Jacqueline Taylor created The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. in 2016 out of a desire to give pet parents, like themselves, a convenient and safe option to feed their pets a wholesome and complete diet, as close to raw as possible. Their WOOF and MEOW dog and cat food and treat ranges are designed around the daily rituals of caring for a pet’s body, skin, and well-being – with a dietary balance.

All recipes are made in New Zealand using ethically sourced ingredients, grown and raised by fair trade farms. Produced in small batches, combining both the nutrition and the taste of fresh, raw food. A gentle freeze-drying process is used where only water is removed, which protects the natural enzymes; nothing is cooked out. Both WOOF and MEOW offer seven unique recipes that are high in protein with the added benefits of New Zealand green mussel, Manuka honey, organic virgin coconut oil, kelp, and Hoki fish oil. From their packaging to ingredient choices, they’ve kept everything simple and easy to understand.

“Much of the pet food out there is the equivalent of junk food for animals,” says Cordero. “You wouldn’t subject your family to a constant diet of junk, so it is time to think again about what ingredients are in those foods and what your pet has evolved to eat in the first place.”

“Our pets are getting sick and living shorter lives than they did 100 years ago, which is very concerning. Recent studies and research are finding in particular that dry food (kibble) is linked to a number of health disorders in animals including allergies, diabetes, and canine cancer,” Cordero said. More and more people are finding that if they spend a bit more on feeding their pets the right kind of food, not only are they investing in their pet’s health but also cutting down on vet bills in the long run.”

AmberJacThe two entrepreneurs implore the pet owning public to take the plunge and move their four-legged friends from a processed food diet to the obvious benefits of whole raw foods before it is too late.

“We want our animals to not just live and survive, but to thrive,” says Taylor. “You can’t change the past, but with WOOF and MEOW, you know your animal will be fueled with food that will help them live better, here and now.”

All products from The New Zealand Natural Pet Co. are available exclusively through Pet Palette, an independent retailer focused, national distributor of unique and innovative wholesale pet products.



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