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Myth-Busting the Ins and Outs of Pet Kennels

Petmate//June 1, 2020

Myth-Busting the Ins and Outs of Pet Kennels

Petmate//June 1, 2020

If your customers cringe when you mention crating or kenneling their pets, it’s likely due to the many myths and misconceptions that exist about kenneling. From feeling like they’re putting their pets in “jail” to fears about their pet’s safety and comfort, you can ease your customers’ minds and help them find the right kennel for their pet with a little myth-busting education. 

When introduced and used properly, kennels can become a place pets can call their own whether at home or on the road. Plastic kennels are an especially great option for pet parents who want a safe, secure, and comfortable place for their pet to spend quiet time, or to stay in when the family is away. Additionally, plastic kennels are a great option for keeping pets out of trouble or even danger when pet parents aren’t home to supervise them. 

“Built to be strong and safe, plastic kennels minimize sharp edges and reduce the chance for injury other forms of containment can sometimes bring,” said Chad Siegert, director of consumer marketing at Doskocil Manufacturing, maker of Petmate products. “This durability and design mean that in addition to protecting the pet, your customer’s home is also protected from potential damage their furry loved one can deliver when they’re away.” 

Not only is a kennel a physically safe place and one that keeps pets out of mischief, pets who are properly acclimated to their21553_PM_Ultra Vari Kennel_36_Lifestyle_05 kennels will often begin to think of them as “home.” These pets will go into their kennels on their own to sleep or when they’re seeking peace and quiet. Plastic kennels are especially comforting to nervous pets or ones with storm anxiety because of the limited visual stimulation and sense of security the solid walls provide. “This aligns with their natural denning instinct. Plastic kennels help satisfy that innate desire to be snug and comfortable within a place they deem their own,” said Siegert. 

Plastic kennels are also a great option for pet parents who travel with their pets. Kennels give pets a familiar place to be when they’re away from home, thereby reducing the stress and anxiety that can result from traveling and being in new places. As safety is always a priority for pet parents, you can help your customers by guiding them to kennels that are designed for travel, such as Petmate’s plastic kennels, which are fully compliant with air and highway travel requirements.

Finally, one of the most important factors in selecting a kennel is ensuring the kennel is the proper size for each individual pet. According to Petmate, the best way to select the perfect kennel size is to measure the pet from the top of his or her head to the floor, then from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. The kennel should be 3-4 inches taller and 3-4 inches longer than the pet so there’s ample space to fully stand up, easily turn around, and comfortably lie all the way down.


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