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Making Dental Care Easier for Cats, Dogs and Their Owners

Swedencare//March 1, 2020

Making Dental Care Easier for Cats, Dogs and Their Owners

Swedencare//March 1, 2020

Oral hygiene in cats and dogs is an overlooked health issue, according to Scott Reinhardt of Swedencare USA. But it doesn’t have to be: Swedencare USA’s products may help prevent regular clinical dental cleaning or teeth brushing for felines and canines, he says, while also providing a measure of convenience for their owners.

“Consumers are busy and love their pets but don’t always have adequate time or the knowledge of how to take care of their pet’s dental care,” said Reinhardt, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “They are much more likely to use a product daily that can help decrease and prevent plaque than implementing a regular and sometimes very expensive dental cleaning schedule.”

Using technology developed in Europe and first used on human dental products, Swedencare USA manufactures ProDen PlaqueOff, an oral health care line for cats and dogs. Free from artificial preservatives, additives, gluten and added sugar, ProDen PlaqueOff products are rich in natural iodine and made with sea kelp harvested from the North Atlantic coast.

“This species of kelp helps decrease the formation of plaque and tartar,” explained Reinhardt. “Our PlaqueOff product also plays a role in treating bad breath, which originates from poor oral hygiene.”Swedencare USA_March 2020 native_dog

ProDen PlaqueOff is available in a powder form—similar in texture to pepper, Reinhardt says—that can be mixed in with dry or wet food. The recommended amount varies depending on the animal’s weight.

“When added to your dog or cat’s daily feeding routine, you will see the results usually within four to six weeks,” Reinhardt said. “Daily use is the key to success.”

ProDen PlaqueOff also comes in Crunchy Dental Bites for cats and dogs, plus Dental Bones for dogs. Reinhardt describes them as “a great addition to the powder,” as owners can give the bites and bones to their pets as they would with treats.

“Our Dental Bones also provide cleansing by abrasive action with our unique design characteristics,” he added. “For cats, we recommend four to six Dental Bites daily.”

Swedencare USA has plans to add to its ProDen PlaqueOff product line in the near future, says Reinhardt.

“Based on consumer feedback, we are expanding the flavors of both the bites and bones,” he said.

And by doing that, Swedencare USA will present dog and cat owners with more easy-to-use ProDen PlaqueOff options to support normal, healthy teeth and gums in their pets.


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