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It’s Time for Pet Stores to Get Online

franpos//December 1, 2020

It’s Time for Pet Stores to Get Online

franpos//December 1, 2020

Pet stores have long since thrived on the brick-and-mortar model—providing a communal space for pet owners to get what they need for their pets and cultivating genuine relationships along the way. However, it’s becoming clear that neglecting to have an online presence is detrimental to continuing business.

Half of all supplies for pets bought online come from just one retailer. Pet store owners are seeing exponential growth in the online space and are rightfully wondering what the future of the industry looks like.

It’s time for pet stores to get online. And, they don’t need a marketing department or loads of capital to do so. With the right software, owners can quickly generate more revenue for their businesses while running their online platform as an extension to their existing storefront.


Powerful Subscriptions for Small Business

Competition online is fierce—especially when dealing with tech giants like Amazon or Chewy. But with the right software, independent stores can bring something to the table that the tech giants can’t.

By offering products through a powerful online platform such as Franpos, customers can establish a monthly subscription to their most-purchased items. These orders are automatically pushed to the store’s point of sale system so that workers can prepare the orders.

By offering subscriptions, pet store owners can simplify operations, ensure revenue stays consistent, and make life easier for customers in one fell swoop!


A Better Way to Deliver

A powerful online platform can benefit business—but in many cases, having a robust delivery system to back up that platform is what fully unleashes the potential of eCommerce. And through Delivery Management by Franpos, pet stores can utilize a better way to deliver.

Through a branded application, pet stores can claim valuable phone space on their customer’s phones and give them a simple way to place orders. Once orders have been placed, business owners have two options to fulfill orders.

The first is through a powerful delivery application, where pet store team members can optimize routes and deliver faster than ever before. The second is through third-party integration with a delivery network such as Postmates, which allows pet store owners can summon a driver right from their point of sale system and get orders on their way.


Building a Pet Store That LastsPA_112320_LI2

Making the decision to go online allows pet store owners to be prepared for the increasingly digital future—all while maintaining the personal and communal touch that pet stores are known for.

And with an integrated commerce platform such as Franpos, pet stores can have their online stores synchronized automatically with their in-store inventory. Pet store owners will never sell product they don’t have an option to receive automatic reports detailed what’s running low and what needs to be ordered.

Finding new and innovative ways to do business will ensure smaller pet stores and franchises can grow and thrive—and, ensure their customers won’t head to online-only retailers anytime soon.


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