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Evolution Dog Wash Keeps Customers Happy, Boosts Bottom Line

Evolution Dog Wash//June 1, 2021

Evolution Dog Wash Keeps Customers Happy, Boosts Bottom Line

Evolution Dog Wash//June 1, 2021

Customer demand for self-service options is on the rise as technologies improve, paving the way for the consumer to have more control over their experience. Pet businesses that adopt more tech-driven methods can boost the customer experience, while also saving time and increasing their revenue.

For pet-centric businesses – including dog spas, pet groomers, veterinarian clinics and pet supply stores – Evolution Dog Wash offers a convenient, self-serve dog wash station that benefits both your customers and your bottom line.


Perks for Your Customers

As any dog owner knows, bathing a dog at home is never easy. It’s a messy job, and can even be painful for dog owners to bend over the bathtub to wash their pup. And once your dog is clean, you’re left with a mess of dog hair clogging the drain. But a trip to an Evolution Dog Wash Machine can make doggy bath time an enjoyable experience for dogs and their owners.

Our innovative dog wash system is the most complete, all-in-one model available on the market today. Evolution Dog Wash machines are easy for your customers to operate and our various models all include product selection (shampoo, conditioner and disinfectant) and a high-grade commercial grooming dryer. No more chasing a wet dog around the house after bathtime!

Not only is it convenient, but it is also affordable. While you can set your own price point, at an average of $10 per wash, customers can give their dogs a quick bath without breaking the bank.


Benefits for Your Pet Business

A self-service dog wash station opens up an entirely new line of revenue for pet businesses. Offering a do-it-yourself dog wash option will drive more traffic to your location, which can increase profits on your foundational products and services.

Evolution Dog Wash machines are built to wash hundreds of dogs per month, so you can quickly recoup your investment and start generating profit. Belly scRubs, a groomer in Hurricane, West Virginia, has two Evolution Dog Wash units open 24/7 that generate an additional $3,500 to $5,000 gross income every month. Depending on the exact location and configuration, an Evolution Dog Wash can be open around the clock, like Belly scRubs, so you can keep making money, even when your doors are closed.

Pet Spa Splash, a groomer in Wichita Falls, Texas, sees Evolution Dog Wash as an opportunity to retain loyal customers even as their dogs age and become uncomfortable with traditional grooming. One Evolution Dog Wash machine generates nearly $13,000 profit each year for Paw Spa Splash.

Evolution Dog Wash is an excellent way to increase your store traffic, drive additional revenue and make doggy bath time a breeze for dogs and their owners. For more information, visit



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