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Sleep and Its Importance to Your Dog’s Health

Sleep and Its Importance to Your Dog’s Health

The importance of sleep to your health isn’t difficult to perceive. After all, when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re almost sure to feel that in the morning and throughout your day. Past that, a lack of adequate sleep can have long-lasting effects on humans’ physical and emotional health. It’s not hard to imagine, then, that the same goes for dogs.

According to, sleep is important to dogs’ brain development, memory, learning capacity, immune system and mood. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, quoted in an article by John Gilpatrick, says that most dogs will need an average of 10 hours of sleep per day, with puppies and seniors usually getting more than that.

The importance of sleep makes a high-quality dog bed a worthy investment. It seems that the key to choosing the right dog bed is finding one that is intelligently designed to give dogs the maximum benefits of each night’s (or day’s) sleep.

“A bed is meant to support one’s body and provide comfort and a restful space for rejuvenation,” said Will Chen, founder and managing director for P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You. “The more thought and detail put into the construction of a bed, the better it meets the essential needs of its user.”

P.L.A.Y.’s California Dreaming Memory Foam Beds have a center cushion constructed of high-density memory foam, surrounded by stuffed bolsters on three sides filled with the brand’sPawprint HR proprietary, eco-friendly PlanetFill material. The bed is comparable to human-grade memory foam mattresses, and the bed curves around pets’ bodies to distribute their weight across the surface of the bed, much like human memory foam mattresses do. This eases pressure points in senior and larger dogs, which develop from daily activities like long walks or playing outside.

“When doing our research, we noticed a lot of beds in the market use only a top layer of memory foam combined with some kind of foam or poly-fiber fill underneath it to make the center cushion,” Chen explained. “Ours is made of 100 percent human grade, real memory foam that can support the biggest pup and has a water-resistant liner to avoid accidents or spills getting into the actual memory foam. It has been safety tested and passed for all harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, phthalates, lead, cadmium and flammability.”

In addition to a quality bed’s physical benefits—including providing joint relief from daily stress by elevating pets from hard surfaces and creating a barrier between those that are too cold or hot for dogs to get comfortable—the emotional benefits are noteworthy.

“Having their own bed also creates a safe space that a dog ‘owns’ and feels secure in… One they can go to for comfort and security when feeling anxious or just wanting their own quiet space,” Chen said.

In actuality, a high-quality dog bed like P.L.A.Y.’s California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed isn’t an “extra”—it’s an essential part of pets’ wellbeing, like healthy food and frequent exercise. Retailers can contact a P.L.A.Y. representative directly for informative tips and selling points for the California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed by reaching out to [email protected].


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