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Choosing the Right Treat is Key to Successful, Healthy Training

Cardinal Pet Care//September 1, 2018

Choosing the Right Treat is Key to Successful, Healthy Training

Cardinal Pet Care//September 1, 2018

It’s a familiar situation: a customer comes into your store seeking advice. Their beloved family dog is exhibiting some problem behavior—perhaps it’s tearing apart furniture, or digging holes in the backyard. They don’t love their pup any less, but it’s definitely an issue that needs resolving. As their local pet retailer, you’re someone they can trust for solutions. They’re confident in your judgement and seek your guidance. So, what might you have to offer?

Luckily, behaviors such as these—and even those that might be more severe—can be remedied with proper training.

“Housebreaking, aggression and socialization problems often cause people to relinquish pets to shelters, but sadly all of these issues could have been resolved with training,” said Tom Wien, director of marketing for Cardinal Pet Care. “On a more positive note, training can help pet parents and their dogs enjoy each other and participate in a wider range of activities together… It’s much easier and more pleasurable to take a well-trained dog on vacations, visits to family and friends, and outings to parks, beaches and cafes.”

One of the most important tools in a dog training program is the treat, which Wien says “captures dogs’ attention and makes them strongly motivated to perform, which shortens the learning curve.” But it can be easy to lose track of just how many treats dogs are consuming, leading to an unhealthy calorie intake.crazy dog

“Training treats must be given repetitively to reinforce behavior, so the dog’s total intake winds up being quite substantial. Therefore, using a training reward with nutritious, non-artificial ingredients can make a big difference in the dog’s health,” Wien said. “Crazy Dog Organic Train Me! Treats were designed to provide the best of both worlds: they’re high in protein with healthy organic ingredients, while offering a scrumptious taste that motivates dogs to learn.”

Cardinal Pet Care’s new Crazy Dog Organic Train Me! Treats are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, one of the largest USDA National Organic Program accredited certifiers. The treats’ first ingredients are either organic, antibiotic-free (ABF) beef or organic, ABF cage-free chicken, and they also contain a wide variety of organic fruits, vegetables and grains. The treats—available in Mini (1.7 calories per treat) and Regular (3 calories per treat)—are packaged in clearly labeled four-ounce and 16-ounce re-sealable packages, making them easy to transport.

“Organic foods and treats are one of the fastest growing segments of the pet food industry. The market research firm Packaged Facts predicts that sales of organic foods and treats will increase by 14.6 percent annually through 2019,” Wien pointed out. “We wanted to give these health-oriented consumers the option of buying an organic version of the original Crazy Dog Train Me! Treats, which are extremely popular and have been recommended by thousands of professional trainers.”

Armed with such knowledge, independent retailers have a unique opportunity to connect with customers looking to improve the lives of their pets. Store employees should be encouraged to ask questions to understand the customer and their pet, engaging the pet parent in the solution process. Working together builds a relationship and allows the retailer to offer tips along the way. Products that address multiple issues like Crazy Dog Organic Train Me! Treats are effective because they help pet parents solve a daunting training issue in a health-conscious way. The result—a healthy and happy pet—is a win for the owner, and thus a win for the store.


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