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Cat Pheromones 101: Understanding Feline Stress Relief

H&C Animal Health//July 1, 2021

Cat Pheromones 101: Understanding Feline Stress Relief

H&C Animal Health//July 1, 2021

Everyone is looking for stress relief these days – even your cat! Read on to learn how pheromones are the drug-free calming solution you never knew your cat needed.


What Are Pheromones?

Have you ever wondered why a cat rubs up against your leg or against your favorite sofa?  Curious why your cat dislikes long car rides? Or perhaps why two or more of your cats are constantly fighting? While this behavior might seem mysterious to us, natural-occurring chemicals called pheromones signal a feline’s way of communicating. In turn, each type of pheromone sends a unique signal that influences behavior from joy to anxiety. Simply put: pheromones are your cat’s unique calling card.


How Do Pheromones Work?

Originating from the Greek language, pheromone comes from the words “pherin” (to carry) and “horman” (to stimulate).  Cats rely on two types of pheromones: nursing mothers release pheromones for their newborns to feel safe and cats also emit pheromones from special glands around their body (i.e., chin, face, paws). This is what allows felines to mark objects, attract mates, and react to other pets in their environment. Of course, cats love routine so unexpected changes from a new home, visiting guests, and other neighboring cats, can trigger anxiety-related behaviors like hiding, scratching, hissing, fighting, and spraying.


Secondary image ArticleImage_1Natural Ways to Mimic Pheromones

It’s easy to harness the power of cat pheromones wherever you are. Thanks to science, drug-free pheromone products like bSerene mimic the calming pheromones your feline naturally produces to feel at ease.

From everyday diffusers to fast-acting sprays, boost your cat’s mood and alleviate anxious behaviors from scratching to urinating outside the litter box. Research shows the feline facial pheromone can also reduce tension in multi-cat households. Pheromone sprays can be great for car travel, vet visits and loud noises – helping to allow your cat to feel calm and relaxed.

When a cat feels that they’re safe, they release positive chemicals to ease stress and anxiety. To create a peaceful environment whether you’re on the go or at home, soothing pheromones are an easy, everyday solution.






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