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Capitalize on Consumer Interest in Pet CBD

Kadenwood//April 1, 2021

Capitalize on Consumer Interest in Pet CBD

Kadenwood//April 1, 2021

Interest in pet CBD and hemp-derived wellness products is exploding, and while the opportunity is both enticing and lucrative for retailers, it can also be a potential challenge.

Like other newly established categories, choosing the right brands and supplier partners at this early stage is a critical factor in ensuring that consumer needs are being met, that the category continues to innovate and expand, and that retail becomes a destination as consumer interest in CBD products continues to grow

Retailers and consumers alike are faced with many questions in this new frontier including questions of who to trust? What to believe? What brands will provide the best education and consumer value? What companies are credible as it relates to purity, quality, and transparency? Finally, what companies and brands have true staying power in a landscape littered with failed brands, slow learners and a lack of real brand investment.

Over the past several years the CBD Category has seen a gold rush of new brands, and in many instances these first-generation brands did not live up to their promises or to retailer expectations. CBD levels were too low, prices were too high, quality was suspect, and brands were not at all experienced at what was required to build a sustainable and growing brand at retail. Fortunately however, we are now entering a new phase of growth for CBD with next-generation brands coming onto the scene who understand the consumer, understand retail, and are highly experienced in brand-building and demand creation, and in investing in retailer success.

Kadenwood is a model example of the next-generation of CBD companies; founded in 2019 by CPG industry executives who have launched and led major household brands across multiple Pet and Human categories. In less than two short years through innovation and acquisition they have become the largest vertically-integrated supplier of CBD in the US and have launched leading CBD brands Level Select and Purity Organic to stellar success in the marketplace.

The company is now introducing their new Purity Preferred pet CBD brand, a science-based line of pet oils, chews and balms for Pet Calming and Hip & Joint relief that contain proprietary CBD with 0 percent THC from company-owned genetics and farming.  All products are infused with added functional ingredients including moringa oil, krill oil and copaiba for enhanced wellness benefits to ensure that consumer satisfaction is met and exceeded, and all are third party tested with complete COA transparency on every batch.

New Purity Preferred pet CBD products are being supported by an industry-leading media campaign that includes national television on the Discovery Network of stations including Animal Planet, HGTV, Lifetime and others. It will also boast the most retail-focused trade programming and support plan in the CBD space, making Purity Preferred an easy choice for retailers looking for the BEST products at the BEST consumer value, by a trusted and credible supplier that has staying power and an unwavering commitment to retail!


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