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Aug 3, 2015

Friends in High Places

I have been in this industry for 31 years. That is longer than the age of the youngest Pet Age employee. I know the ins and outs, the highs and lows and most importantly, the people. I have made a lot of friends in this business and I think the pet industry produces more interesting […]

Jul 1, 2015

It’s That Time Again

The eyes of the pet industry turn to Las Vegas.

May 28, 2015

Make The Customer Experience Priority One

Happy customers are returning customers.

Apr 28, 2015

Pet Industry Herstory

Thoughts on our Women of Influence.

Mar 31, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring is the perfect time to start anew.

Feb 27, 2015

The Power of Print

You like us, you really really like us.

Feb 1, 2015

Strategizing Global

Global Pet Expo’s website is a useful tool when planning ahead for the show.

Jan 5, 2015

Striving for Balance Yet Again

For the second year in a row, balance rules.

Dec 2, 2014

The Year That Was

December is here and that means 2014 is drawing to a close. As the economy slowly improved, the pet industry continued to show impressive growth. With that growth came acquisitions, new products and new trends. There were several notable acquisitions among distributors and manufacturers. Phillips bought Gardener Distributing in Montana and Best Friend Products in […]

Nov 1, 2014

Put Video to Work for You

A video can be worth a thousand words.

Oct 1, 2014

Hello Fall

Now is the time to prepare for future projects.

Sep 2, 2014

Rest and Relaxation

Sometimes we all need to take time to recharge ourselves.