September 2, 2014

By the time this issue lands in your mailbox, I’ll be back from a two-week vacation at the beach with my wife, daughter, and some friends.

It can be hard to step away and put down the smart phone—to unplug yourself from the daily grind. But, we all need some downtime. Taking that time is well worth it. It may sound silly but when I come back from vacation, I’m more energized and clear headed. I’m ready to get things done.

You may feel like you can’t get out of your store to take a vacation, but I urge you to try it. Maybe you can’t take two weeks, but even a few days off will leave you refreshed and more creative. It will help you shrug off any burnout you may be feeling. Studies have shown that overall productivity goes up when people take vacation time. After all, we aren’t just machines built to work and work without stopping to enjoy what we are working for.

Of course, you have to have trusted people take care of your business while you’re away. A vacation won’t do you any good if you spend the whole time anxious about what could be going on back at the shop.

Taking time for yourself to relax and spend time with loved ones at this time of year may be especially important. The busy holiday season is just around the corner, and then you really will be unable to get away from the store. If you take the time to get in a little R and R before the crunch time hits, you’ll probably find it to be a little less crunchy.











-Craig Rexford

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