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Website Helps Reunite Lost Cats With Owners

Pet Age Staff//May 24, 2013//

Website Helps Reunite Lost Cats With Owners

Pet Age Staff //May 24, 2013//

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GetMyCat is an online resource that provides comprehensive lost cat resources of expert knowledge, pet amber alerts, lost cat cards, lost flyer/poster printing, lost cat insurance and immediate customer service.

In six months, GetMyCat helped 2,200 people find lost cats.

“When I lost my cat last year, I found some great information online, but no resource that had everything I would need in one place, and GetMyCat was born from this problem,” Jacques Habra, founder of GetMyCat, said.

GetMyCat receives dozens of inquiries daily. The website experiences over 10,000 plus visitors monthly.

“As a cat lover, I was thrilled to join GetMyCat and help reunite families,” Max Tracy, executive director of GetMyCat, said.

The website provides a unique questionnaire to help find lost cats by gathering key information about the missing cat so that the GetMyCat team may offer the best advice and services.

“Every situation is different,” Tracy said. “In some cases, you have an indoor cat missing for one or two days, or an outdoor cat in a rural area missing for over a week. We provide a custom search plan for each type of situation.”

The questionnaire is one of the many proprietary and unique features available to GetMyCat visitors.

“We want to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information for recovering lost cats,” Habra said.  “That’s why we are constantly re-investing into more service offerings, like our lost cat flyer and lost cat poster production and delivery services.”
“People are frantic when they lose their cat, and our job is to provide straightforward, easy to understand instructions and services that work,” Tracy said.