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On the Right Track

Pet Age Staff//December 24, 2019//

On the Right Track

Pet Age Staff //December 24, 2019//

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The trends steering the overall pet industry—including natural, premium, convenience, safety, efficacy and overall value—are becoming more evident in the pet litter market. From cat litter and training pads that are environmentally friendly to cleaning products made with ingredients that won’t harm pets, people or the environment, the market is making large strides. In fact, two Packaged Facts reports—one in 2016 and one in 2017—forecasted growth in the pet litter, clean-up and odor-control market.

The factors driving market growth and product innovation are shaped primarily by consumers’ desire for efficacy, ease of use, environmental concerns and retail accessibility. And companies continue to seek input from consumers. An example is World’s Best Cat Litter, produced by Kent Pet Group, which invests in consumer insights research that’s intended to help drive its innovations, such as its most recent formula, Advanced Picky Cat. Providing consumers with the products that meet their demands will boost the bottom line while also strengthening one’s bond with customers and making that brand stand out from its competition.

Retailers, too, need to know what works best for their store’s brand, which means going the extra mile to not only educate customers but also ask questions regarding what their priorities are regarding cat litter. In order to maximize profits, it’s vital for retailers to stock their store shelves with the litter products that are popular among customers, then add new and unique brands that will entice any customer who walks into their store.

These products not only offer any store a unique lineup but also feature an assortment of benefits that today’s conscious consumer is looking for—natural ingredients, odor control, clumping and absorption, low tracking and much more. And most importantly, these litter products help keep cats happy and healthy and on the right track for the best quality of life. Because at the end of the day, meeting the needs of cats, even for taking care of business in the litter box, is what matters most.

Naturally Fresh multi Cat

Naturally Fresh Litter

The Multi-Cat formula is fragrance-free, eliminates both urine and fecal odors and creates tight clumps quickly, making scooping a breeze. As with all Naturally Fresh products, the formula absorbs three times better than clay litter, is low tracking, free of silica dust and is biodegradable and annually renewable. It is non-GMO and nontoxic‑safe for pet parents, cat kids and the environment. Available in 14 and 26 pound bags, the product boasts Naturally Fresh’s signature soft walnut shell granules.




Sanicat cat litter has been at the very heart of pet care for more than 35 years. Sanicat is the No. 1 cat litter brand in Europe and is proudly sourced, mined and manufactured in the United States. This oxygen-infused cat litter controls odor-causing bacteria and eliminates odors for a full month. It’s made with Wyoming Bentonite, a natural mineral that offers the most powerful clumping and absorption action worldwide.




Words Best Cat LitterWorld’s Best Cat Litter

Perfect for cats that don’t always go where they should, Picky Cat is the multiple-cat litter that combines the concentrated power of corn with a natural ingredient that attracts cats to the box. No more stains, mystery smells and stress. Picky Cat is perfect for newly adopted cats, kittens, senior cats and any fussy feline!





Messy Mutts Silicone Litter Mat


Messy Cats Silicone Litter Mat

Soft silicone spikes graduate from long to short to trap the grit while being gentle on messy cats’ sensitive paws. The easy-to-clean silicone material keeps it from sliding around and creating further mess. The unique silicone material naturally attracts dust, and the universal design accommodates various litter box styles.






dr elseys clean tracksDr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks

Dr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks is a low-tracking, hard-clumping, odor-eliminating litter. It has a unique formulation of medium grain clay that helps keep litter in the box while controlling odor without added perfume, deodorants or chemicals. It’s available in 20- and 40-pound bags.





fresh step ultra unscented

Fresh Step Ultra Unscented

For those who prefer no scent at all, Fresh Step’s Unscented line includes Ultra Unscented. Fresh Step consumers can rest assured they are choosing an unscented litter that meets their needs to eliminate the strongest litter box odors. Fresh Step Ultra Unscented features a low-dust formula that also provides Superior Unscented Odor Control with 10-day bacterial odor protection.




Easy Clean Lightweight cat litter


EasyClean Lightweight Cat Litter

Along with excellent clump strength and absorption capacity, EasyClean Lightweight is 50 percent lighter than the top clumping litters on the market. This means there will be less lifting on garbage day. It’s available in 12-pound jugs and 24-pound bags.






scoopfree ultra top entry self cleaning litter boxScoopFree Ultra Top-Entry Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box features a top-entry hood with a large, grated surface to reduce litter tracking. The litter box self-cleans for weeks and uses crystal litter and disposable litter trays for unbeatable odor control and convenience. It also features a digital health counter and adjustable rake timer.




Sustainably Yours_RGB copySustainably Yours Cat Litter

Sustainably Yours is biodegradable and sustainable and stops odors on contact, clumping firmer and faster than regular litters. It’s made from two renewable ingredients: cassava and corn. Cassava is a highly absorbent shrub native to South America that is cultivated as an annual crop for its edible root. The brand also donates a portion of proceeds to the Rainforest Trust, which purchases and protects threatened tropical forests.


CatSpot Litter


CatSpot Litter

CatSpot litter is a new cat litter made from 100 percent coconut. It is organic, 100 percent dust-free and chemical-free. It is extremely lightweight, soft for cats’ paws and zaps all odors in the litter box. It is 100 percent biodegradable and can be recycled after use in compost or used as a soil amendment in customers’ yards.



Neon group with purpleNeon Litter

Neon Litter from Ultra Pet features absorbent micro-sized crystals that are soft on paws. The clumping litter comes in five colors (pink, green, orange, purple and blue), is dust-free and offers amazing odor control. It’s also 70 percent lighter than clay litter.


Cedarific Litter


Cedarific Soft Cat Litter

Cedarific is a 100 percent all-natural cat litter. It is made from natural wood fibers, simply meaning that the product is dust-free, lightweight and soft to the touch so it won’t scratch your floors. This biodegradable cat litter will keep cats and their owners happy thanks to the natural cedar scent that provides superior odor control.