The Cat’s Out of the House

Stacy Mantle//August 23, 2016//

The Cat’s Out of the House

Stacy Mantle //August 23, 2016//

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More and more, cat owners are taking their favorite feline on strolls around town, and as the millennial generation continues to propel the cat into the category of world’s most popular pet, we can expect stroller and carrier sales to rise. Today’s cat owners are actively seeking safe, well-designed carriers in fashion-forward styles.

“Retailers that stock pet strollers in their stores give their customers another option for traveling with their pet anywhere they want to go with them,” said Todd Jakubowski, owner of Pet Gear.

There are plenty of benefits to taking a cat out for a walk, including a happier, more socially adjusted pet. Exposing cats to new sights, sounds and smells can even help alleviate problem behavior. Strollers offer cats a safe way to experience new things.

In their natural environment, cats get plenty of exercise. From hunting prey to playing with littermates, they are always on the move. But now that we recognize the many benefits to keeping cats indoors, we must also understand there are benefits in taking them outdoors under controlled supervision. Become lax in offering felines plenty of time to play and they become overweight—or worse, resentful. Cats who lack stimulation are more likely to take out their frustration in the form of aggressive or destructive behavior.

“Pet Gear strollers are a great way to take your pet with you on a long walk through the park, a walk around the block, or maybe even shopping at the mall,” Jakubowski said. “They safely contain and protect your pet wherever you go. You never have to worry about your cat escaping as our patented no-zip feature helps keep pets secure.”

Manufacturers are showing their support by creating safe, easy-loading gear that appeal to a feline’sTabby Kitten Inside a Carriage with One Foot Up sense of security.

“It’s the little things that make our products different and make your life easier as a caring pet owner,” said John Sandiford, president of Gen7Pets. “Whether it’s a stronger zipper on a pet carrier so that it doesn’t snag or our proprietary design that features one long stroller floor so it never collapses or bends, we put more into our products so you get more out of them. Gen7Pets is the creator of the exclusive Smart-Features, a collection of unique features that you and your pet will love.”

When shopping for a stroller, keep in mind that familiarity with the device will go a long way towards a happy outcome. Set up the stroller indoors and allow your cat to lounge in it and make it her own. To help encourage them to go into the stroller, treats and catnip can go a long way to enticing your hesitant cat.

New innovations in cat carriers also signify a boost in the number of felines on the road. But, selecting the proper cat carrier is very important.

Sleepypod’s unique round shape is one that cats love, and each carrier includes luxurious ultra-plush linings designed to alleviate travel stress. Battery-operated warmer kits for colder travel and air mesh hammocks for warm-weather travel can be easily added. While at home, simply remove the dome top to convert the carrier into a secure cat bed. This feature encourages cats to make the carrier their safe place, making transport simple when it’s time to go mobile.

Educating consumers on the benefits of individual carriers will create an opportunity for cross-selling. Remind clientele to train their cats to enter carriers regardless of travel plans, as one never knows when a situation might require an emergency evacuation. Cats should always view their carriers as safe havens.

“It’s important to understand that a carrier is a cat’s home away from home,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod’s lead product designer and co-founder. “A familiar space helps to make trips away from home less stressful, so a mobile pet bed is ideal because the pet is always traveling in its everyday pet bed. Happy pet travelers make it easy for pet owners to spend more quality time with their pets.”

Using safety guidelines developed for infant car seats, the Sherpa Safety Suite attaches to a vehicle’s standard in-seat latch to keep pets and carriers securely in place while traveling inside the car. Clipped in place, the Safety Suite offers five additional points of security through a system of adjustable straps that help ensure the stability of all sides of the carrier. Sturdy nylon straps secure the entire carrier over the top, while a generously sized solid forward lip prevents tipping forward.

In addition to a non-skid base, the Safety Suite also features two side straps to help steady lateral movement. The pet safety system is compatible with any brand of soft-sided pet carrier and has undergone safety testing.

Carriers with roll-down sides of fine mesh air vents help obstruct a cat’s view of the outside world, thus reducing the ‘fight or flight’ instinct. Padded carriers with removable tops can help a cat adjust to a carrier while inside the home, thus reducing the panic of being confined. The Sherpa Cat Tote offers cat owners additional points of entry, and convenience and comfort traveling with their favorite feline.

Whether a cat prefers a carrier or stroller, it’s important to remind customers to have a plan for transport in the event of emergency. As the leading producer of pet carriers and portable pop up shelters, Sturdi is excited to share their innovative products in the category of pet emergency preparedness. The best way to protect your pets from the effects of a disaster is to have a disaster plan in place.

“The likelihood of a pet surviving a disaster depends largely on the planning done before a disaster occurs,” said Penny Johnson, CEO of Sturdi Products Inc. “With natural disasters occurring more often today, it’s crucial pet owners take preparation seriously and recognize that emergency preparedness also applies to animal companions.”