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ZIWI Peak Nutrition Lets Pets Reap the Rewards of a Natural Carnivorous Diet

ZIWI//December 1, 2023

ZIWI Peak Nutrition Lets Pets Reap the Rewards of a Natural Carnivorous Diet

ZIWI//December 1, 2023

Top your pet’s bowl with ZIWI Peak air-dried or canned wet recipes to give them a boost of mouth-watering nutrition. Your pet will love the highly palatable taste and the nutritious benefits that come with a natural carnivorous diet.

Joint Health is a key factor in a healthy and quality life for pets. Our cats need strong joints to reach their favorite perch and who is as happy as a dog on a morning walk? Dogs and cats of all life stages are susceptible to developing joint and mobility issues, but it is more likely to arise in pets that are reaching their senior years. Looking out for symptoms of joint pain such as limping and stiffness, irritability, frequent slipping and lethargy is key in catching the signs of joint issues early on. Encouraging regular exercise and keeping pets at a healthy weight with balanced nutrition is fundamental in promoting joint health and mobility in all stages of life.

We can’t talk about heart health without talking about taurine. Taurine is an amino acid found exclusively in animal-based proteins that is essential to cardiovascular function, in both humans and animals. That’s right, both felines and canines get help from taurine in the same way that we do. Taurine is important in many ways to our pet’s health. It is vital to cardiac function, eye health, immune system function and brain and nerve function. Diets with high inclusions of meat and organs are great for ensuring animals are getting their needed taurine. ZIWI’s gentle air-drying process locks in a high volume of these nutrients where other kibble and food brands lose up to 50 percent during their cooking process.

Healthy skin and a soft shiny coat for cats and dogs goes way beyond the surface and is greatly impacted on a cellular level.  Our pet’s skin is their largest organ and first line of defense. Itchy, flakey skin and a rough patchy coat are key indicators of allergy and nutrient deficiency in pets and should be quickly addressed for the long-term health and happiness of your animals. Much like our human immune system naturally attacks what it deems to be an “invader,” your pet’s immune system reacts the same to certain foods causing inflammation, itchy skin and other uncomfortable symptoms. This reaction is often a combination or your pet’s digestive system having to deal with toxins associated with processed foods and their bodies not getting the nutrients they need to thrive. Common ingredients that cause dermatologic food reactions are artificial colors and flavors, grains, potatoes and added sugars.

These results from lacking diets are a few of the of the many reasons that ZIWI is committed to not using filler or unwanted ingredients in our PeakPrey recipes. ZIWI includes nutrient-packed functional ingredients like New Zealand green-lipped mussels, ground bone and cartilage to provide the necessary proteins to support healthy bone and joint development, heart health and a healthy skin and coat.


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