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Portland Pet Homestyle Cat Meals: The Wet Cat Food Crisis Solution


Sponsored Content Portland Pet Food Company


If you’ve walked down a cat food aisle over the past two years, you might have noticed something missing – cat food! The confluence of events triggered by the global pandemic made worse by a massive uptick in adoptions has put an enormous strain on the global pet food supply chain with wet cat food […] View Product →

NutriSource: The Premier Producer of Pet Food, Treats & Toppers


Sponsored Content NutriSource


NutriSource Pet Foods, manufactured by third-generation, family-owned Tuffy’s Pet Foods, has been producing high-quality pet food out of Perham, Minnesota, since 1964. Over the years, one thing has always remained consistent, the commitment of providing top level nutrition in all products that carry the NutriSource brand name. This not only comes in the form of […] View Product →

Cat Wounds and Skin Care: The Important Ingredients to Healing


Sponsored Content Vetericyn


If an injury occurs, you shouldn’t panic. Nor should you just ignore it. Even small wounds can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Left untreated, a minor issue could become a severe health complication. Because of this, you should be on the lookout for the most common types of cat ailments, including: Cuts & […] View Product →

ZIWI PeakPrey Recipes: Air-Dried Pet Nutrition Without Compromise


Sponsored Content ZIWI


Here at ZIWI, we were founded out of a love and respect for animals and have created a culture that provides world-class leadership and innovation in air-dried pet nutrition. Our award-winning recipes are handcrafted in small batches in our own New Zealand kitchens, using only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring your pets receive all the […] View Product →

Millet: Ingredient Plays Valuable Role in Nature’s Logic Kibble


Sponsored Content Nature's Logic


Most kibble pet food contains a grain or other starchy ingredient to help form the kibble and hold its shape, which is referred to as a “binder.” Ingredients such as wheat, corn, barley, oats or other similar grains can be used this purpose. These starchy ingredients also serve as a source of carbohydrates in the […] View Product →

Selecting Supplements: Claims That Sound Too Good Probably Are


Sponsored Content NASC


When evaluating health and nutritional supplements to carry in your store or recommend to customers, it’s very important to pay close attention to product claims. This includes claims on product packaging and accompanying marketing materials. Marketers know they have very little time to capture your attention and convince you to take a closer look. The […] View Product →

Ziggy Marley Launches New Health Supplements for Pets


Sponsored Content One Farm


In early 2020, Ziggy Marley and his family welcomed a new puppy named Romeo into their home. Romeo quickly became a beloved member of the family. Unable to tour due to the pandemic, Marley spent the year at home and began each morning with Romeo. The pair instantly developed a special bond — so much […] View Product →

Dr. Elsey’s Fund to Cure Cancer: Lend a Paw, Save a Life


Sponsored Content Dr. Elsey's


Over 30,000 people are diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the second most common type of blood cancer, each year. When Dr. Elsey’s co-founder Kathy Elsey was diagnosed, she and her husband, Dr. Bruce Elsey, chose to utilize their corporate success to benefit a philanthropic cause: the commitment to cure cancer. In a unique and empowering position […] View Product →

The Beneficial Role of Dog Treats in Dental Health


Sponsored Content NPIC


Periodontal disease is a most common medical condition affecting companion dogs, with a reported prevalence of at least 80 percent in dogs over 3 years of age. Often caused by poor oral hygiene, periodontitis is fairly preventable. Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and is a risk factor for heart and lung diseases. That’s why it’s […] View Product →

How Independent Pet Retailers Can Navigate 2022’s Perfect Storm


Sponsored Content Pet Palette Distribution


With a shortage of materials and still-high shipping prices threatening the production and distribution of pet products, Pet Palette Distribution’s senior buyer, Megan Hulse, says that 2022 may just be “the perfect storm” for retailers. But by preparing in advance, Hulse believes that retailers can brace themselves for that storm and come out ahead. Here’s how […] View Product →

Flavors They Crave: Reward Your Dog With True Chews Pet Treats


Sponsored Content True Chews


Whether you are using treats for training, encouraging good behavior, or just because you want to treat your pet to something special, the right treat can make the best reward. When True Chews Pet Treats was founded in 2010, we spent a year working with pet nutritionists to find out what dogs and cats really […] View Product →

ZIWI Peak Z-BOOST: Superfoods That are Worth the Hype


Sponsored Content ZIWI


As more pet guardians embrace wellness and healthier eating, we have become more aware of what’s on our plates and what’s in our pet’s food bowls. As a result, superfoods have become an essential piece of the puzzle when selecting the best diet for our dogs and cats – but how do we know if […] View Product →

PureVita Delivers Sustainable Option in Single-Source Protein Category


Sponsored Content NutriSource


NutriSource Pet Foods, manufactured by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, has been producing high-quality pet food out of Perham, Minnesota since 1964. Driven by a mission to give back to worthy causes throughout the country, the third-generation, family-owned company takes pride in exemplifying the heart of small towns everywhere through its compassion, integrity and a deep-rooted sense […] View Product →

Dr. Elsey’s Unveils All-New cleanprotein Kibble Formulas


Sponsored Content Dr. Elsey's


The right diet can go a long way in improving your cat’s health. That’s why choosing a biologically appropriate food like Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein is ideal for rounding out your feline’s care routine. Inspired by the protein levels found in a cat’s natural prey, over 90 percent of the protein found in cleanprotein is animal-based with […] View Product →

Feline Magic: The Truth Behind Why Cats Crave Catnip


Sponsored Content Yeowww! Catnip


What is catnip? Why do cats go crazy for it? Catnip, aka Nepeta cataria, is a flowering member of the mint family of herbs. The compound in catnip, called nepetalactone, is a type of chemical known as a terpene – an active molecule that attracts cats. Scientists believe that the oils in catnip stimulate the […] View Product →

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